Cultivating Curiosity

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@flipyrthinking Phil Stubbs Education Director Cultivating Curiosity

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New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Michael Fullan

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Grade Level Lee Jenkins

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A change in creativity, critical thinking, and a fundamental shift in relationships… as students develop their capacity to question, discover, connect, collaborate and contribute... and where they are empowered by an increase in direction and management of their own learning” Alan November

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Deep Learning Goals critical thinking collaboration communication creativity character citizenship

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wonder - full

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The first thing we steal from children is their questions Dr. John Edwards

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eureka! moments

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Wonderful = Curiosity + Inspiration

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Activate Cultivate Initiate

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Watch the video and think about what is happening. RESPOND: What do you think the video teaches us about the properties of this shape? COMMENT: Read as many responses as you can before selecting three that you think you can help with. How could these ideas be tested mathematically in class? Explain what would need to be done to prove whether they are correct or not. Properties of shapes (Part 3)

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Toby Ng has created this superb series of posters and I want us to treat each idea as a dot to be connected as to taking each one in isolation fails to uncover the real issues facing society Consider each of the 18 images. Find two or three that appeal to your interests and try to connect the thinking. Design an inquiry question that seeks to connect one set of statistics with at least one other. E.g 1% of the world's population has HIV but the percentage is greater in areas where literacy levels are lower OR 1% of the world's population has HIV. Is that percentage higher in areas with access to greater wealth? RESPOND: Share your essential question along with your initial ideas about what think you might find. COMMENT: Select a few responses and see if they meet with our criteria. Can you add value or tighten up the question? Maybe you can share your thoughts in order to further activate each respondent's thinking Inquiry Question B: Connecting the Dots

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Inspire me, don’t tell me

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Know your Impact

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From me to we

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Michael Fullan Teaching Like a Pro’ Constantly trying to improve practice and working with all the collective might and ingenuity of professional colleagues to do so.

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Prof. Stephen Heppell In Plain Sight “Teachers in sight of colleagues learn from and with their peers. Sharing improves the quality of teaching as good ideas gain greater currency within a school”

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Visible Change Every student response becomes a learning experience for the entire school. Ve

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www.newpedagogies.info verso Meet the team Stand 173 Thank you

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