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LIBRARIES and privacy IN THE DIGITAL AGE Photo Copyright © 2015 Pulp and Pixels

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Why do libraries care so much about Privacy? “Choice requires both a varied selection and the assurance that one's choice is not monitored.”

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    HAVE LAWS PROTECTING THE CONFIDENTIALITY OF LIBRARY RECORDS 48 STATES Kentucky & Hawaii have attorney general's opinions Plus the district of Columbia

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Any library record, the primary purpose of which is to maintain control of library materials, or to gain access to information, that discloses or could be used to disclose the identity of a library user is exempt from disclosure under this chapter. RCW 42.56.310

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The Library will keep patron records confidential and will not disclose this information except as necessary for the proper operation of the Library, upon consent of the user, pursuant to subpoena or court order, or as otherwise required by law.

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The Library retains the minimum number of records necessary for maintaining operations. Public computer information is automatically deleted at the end of a session. Information about check-outs and returns is automatically deleted at day-end (unless the patron has fines or has been referred to a materials recovery agency). Mandatory library staff training in library policy and intellectual freedom principles PROCEDURES

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DISRUPTIONS Third-party Digital Content and Services DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT TENSIONS BETWEEN SECUrity and civil liberties Photo Copyright © 2015 The Weather Channel, LLC

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USA PATRIOT Act Section 215 permits gov’t to secretly request and obtain library records for large numbers of individuals without any reason to believe they are involved in illegal activity Section 505 permits the FBI to obtain electronic records from libraries with a National Security Letter without prior judicial oversight Photo by Jessamyn West / CC BY 2.0

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LIBRARY Controlled data Governed by local policy CONTENT PROVIDERS Shared data Governed by contract DRM SERVICES Shared data Governed by Terms of Use CONTENT OWNERS Shared data Governed by Terms of Use Photo © Disabled Sports USA patrons Personal data Governed by self-interest, rights

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Basic CONTRACTS Online catalog Databases Journals Periodicals

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Photo Copyright ©2015 Designtechnica Corporation.

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Seattle Public Library expresses ‘concern and alarm’ over Adobe’s data tracking policies Taylor Soper on GeekWire.com, October 8, 2014 Clarify what data is being collected, especially if that data contains PII Explain how long the data is bring retained Stop transmitting data in plain text

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Photo. Evil Mad Scientist Labs. © 2009

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“The Library has teamed up with reputable third party partners in order to provide certain services to its users. Information a patron submits to the Library may be provided to those third parties so they can assist the Library in providing certain services. Users are encouraged to read and become familiar with the privacy policies of these third party partners.”

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“Solving social problems by restricting technology and preventing you from access to those restrictions reduces privacy and security.” Photo CCA3 Jonathan Worth, JonathanWorth.com Cory Doctorow