Learning in the Cloud: What Does Learning Look Like in the Future?

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Learning in the Cloud: What Does Learning Look Like in the Future? Session 418 #TrainingMag

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What did you learn last week?

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2020 Generation X is reshaping global politics Internet use reaches 5 billion worldwide The 5G standard is released Texting by thinking A cure for malaria Ultra High Definition Television (4320p) is common in homes Holographic TV is going mainstream The first self-sufficient, car-free city in mainland China 30,000 drones are patrolling the skies of America Mars 2020 rover mission Video games with photo-realistic graphics http://www.futuretimeline.net

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Learning Platforms of the Future will be Immersive Asynchronous and Synchronous Wearable Be about experiences, not traditional learning

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Points to focus on Self Directed Learning Learning Communities Learning Paths / Certifications Multiple Modalities / Mobility Gamification / Badges Reporting / Metrics Registration Content Management

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What Can I do now? Exploring Existing Solutions

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Now What?

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“Hell, there are no rules here -- we're trying to accomplish something.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

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Darren Nerland Manager, Learning Innovation and Technology darren.nerland@gatesfoundation.org Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation www.gatesfoundation.org