3 Easy Steps to Digitize Your Study Notes

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@habitsguy Easy Steps to Your Study Notes

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Many students in order to boost the .

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But messy and are more likely to you rather than help you.

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There are many and available to overcome these difficulties.

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But many learners still use and use to tackle the academic challenges and jot down their thoughts.

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What pays off the most is an effort to get the of .

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OLD-SCHOOL Typing notes on the keyboard is quite timeconsuming.

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A better alternative is to scan the notes in PDF and make the data and in a shorter amount of time.

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You can then using file storage cloudbased platforms.

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APPLICATION Use your smartphone’s camera to convert notes into digital format.

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It a plethora of , including scanners that can be integrated with this application.

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The is and notebooks can .

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MICROSOFT OneNote This program allows users to input text, images, media files and even drawings into digital notebook.

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for every bit of information is effortless, and is flawless.

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OneNote supports , which means you can align text and other objects the way you please.

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is a tech-savvy psychology professor, who considers herself more of a student since she is constantly in the process of learning. She combines her love of technology, teaching and traveling with her work. Read the blog post

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