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Pass That Exam! Photo by Neil T,

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Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. - Robert Collier Photo by Shermeee,

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Familiarize students with the format & procedures Photo by jgoge,

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Time frame Environment Format Required items Sections Instructions Procedures Scoring Stakes

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What are the testing accommodations?

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What are the testing accommodations? Deadlines Eligibility

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Practice tests Photo by albertogp123,

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Pretest early to assess: Photo by Neil T,

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Pretest early to assess: Low scoring areas Strategies Confusion Base knowledge Learning needs Stressors Photo by Neil T,

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What do I do when I …

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What do I do when I … Don’t understand the question/ instructions Lose focus Get tired Get demotivated Run out of time Don’t know the answers

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Create a testing playbook

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Daily writing/ audio/ speaking prompts & exercises

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Assess with the same scoring guide

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Make it interesting!

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Play & create games

Слайд 20 •  reate trivia games C •  rag and drop D •  tudents prompted to S make quiz for their peers to take •  imed T •  eader board L

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Tiny Tap Game Creation App Features: •  dd own images or from a web A search •  ecord your own voice R •  ecord a question, an answer, a R hint •  0 different soundtracks 2 •  rack progress using the inT game scoring system •  ersonalize pre-made games P from the TinyTap store with narration and images

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Practice with a community

Слайд 23 Free Talk groups

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Help them deal with the stress with humor

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Test Prep Web Tools & Apps

Слайд 27 with iOS/Android App

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Free student study guide

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