Bring Your Textbook to Life! Ideas & Resources

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Bring Your Textbook to Life! Strategies, Tips, & Tech Tools ShellyTerrell.com/Textbook2Life

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ur nishes the mind Reading f with materials of only ; it is thinking that knowledge we read our s. makes what - John Locke Photo by Monica Holli, Flic.kr/p/epeTqi

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Your textbook is one of many tools!

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Deconstruct the textbook! Table of Contents Vocabulary Assessment Examples Exercises Visuals

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Sketchnote it! Photo by by Luigi Mengato, Flic.kr/p/hgwjYu

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•  ist the chapter titles on the board L •  nder each title students write down whatever they know about the topic U

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Padlet.com & iPad App Linoit.com

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Google Drive

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Social bookmarking & curation Diigo Pearltrees List.ly Storify Pinterest Educlipper Flipboard Photo by Hertsens.Stef, Flic.kr/p/qaL8sk Scoop.It Livebinders ShellyTerrell.com/research

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Diigo iOS/Android App

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Educlipper.net & iPad App

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Retell it YakIt for Kids iOS app PrimaryAccess.org Tellagami.com Voki.com ShellyTerrell.com/digitalstorytelling

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Graphic Organizers ShellyTerrell.com/brainstorm

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Bit.ly/RWTCube ReadWriteThink.org

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Games Scratch.mit.edu GetKahoot.com TinyTap.It MineCraftEdu.com ShellyTerrell.com/games

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Data Visualization ShellyTerrell.com/poster

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Piktochart Easel.ly Canva LucidChart Visme Glogster Grafio Edubuncee Smore Thinglink Tackk Biteslide

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Comics Photo by Mike Fernwood, Flic.kr/p/2MbaLz ShellyTerrell.com/comics

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Idea: Transform a piece of literature Pride & Prejudice by Raquel León Jimenez, Pixton.com

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Idea: Math word problems Rothinks.wordpress.com Bitstripsforschools.com

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QR Codes Quickmark Unitaglive TeacherRebootCamp.com/mlearning QR Stuff I-nigma Adapted photo by James Mitchell, Flic.kr/p/d2aRZQ

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Virtual Fieldtrips Pearltrees.com/shellyterrell/field-trips/id11881202

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Virtual field trips with Google.com/culturalinstitute

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GoogleLitTrips.org •  ree downloadable files F that mark the journeys of characters from famous literature on the surface of Google Earth. • Placemarks with pop-up windows containing discussion starters, links, real world references, & multimedia •  ake suggestions M •  elp create H

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Audio Projects Interviews News sound bytes Radio shows Audioboo iPadio Soundation GarageBand Audacity Soundcloud Podomatic ShellyTerrell.com/audio

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TOOLS & APPS Magisto iMovie Camtasia Powtoons TouchCast Wideo Youtube Capture Instagram Screen-o-matic Splice Educreations IDEAS Animation Commercial News report Documentary Chapter Trailer Claymation Class movie Machinima Silent film ShellyTerrell.com/video

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Augmented Reality Aurasma Engagetheirminds.wordpress.com QuiverVision.com

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Gum.co/learn2go 30Goals.com ShellyTerrell.com/textbook2life @ShellTerrell Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell

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