Groovy Grammar: Interesting Ways to Learn Grammar

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Grammar! ow to Teach H Photo by Monica Holli,

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e Grammar-Tree; Who climbs th distinctly knows nd e Noun, and Verb, a Wher Par ticiple grows... VI nius Juvenalis, Satire - Decimus Ju Photo by Monica Holli,

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Visual Graphs

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Correct celebrity tweets, updates

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Correct & rewrite reviews

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comics Use Photo by Monica Holli,

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Comic by Carmen Soto Fernández 393220611187549952 Created with

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ames! G •  tudents chant, “Mr. Bear, S Mr. Bear, how are you?” •  he bear puppet answers, T “I am…” if he says hungry they all run.

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Digital games & quizzes

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Tiny Tap Game Creation App Features: •  dd own images or from a web A search •  ecord your own voice R •  ecord a question, an answer, a R hint •  0 different soundtracks 2 •  rack progress using the inT game scoring system •  ersonalize pre-made games P from the TinyTap store with narration and images

Слайд 11 Create YouTube Quizzes

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Character Texts

Слайд 13 •  reate trivia games C •  rag and drop D •  tudents prompted to S make quiz for their peers to take •  imed T •  eader board L

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ammar in Gr music

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Joke Bin go

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Fake SMS by

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Teacher: Johannes Rojas

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Bookmarklet Read & Write Extension

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ther great O tools! Photo by Monica Holli,

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Get a copy of Learning to Go-

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