Web Design Trends For 2015

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Day by day technology keep changing, trends in web design is also keeping changing with technology. Usage of mobiles and tablets increased heavily, it is influencing of web design trends. Here there are some web design trends it my rule 2015 and ahead.

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Web Design Trends 1 Responsive Web design 2 Scrolling 3 Floating 4 Typography 5 Illustrations

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Responsive Web design Responsive web design, it may not be new, but the usage and essentiality of responsive web design are increasing with the increase of mobiles devices and tablets usage, because of your website need to be viewed on any devices and any browser it must be user friendly. Lumin Innovative Web Services

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Lumin Innovative Web Services Responsive Web design

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Scroll Web Design Using Scrolling instead of clicking navigation. As we know mobile usage and the mobile web experience of websites scrolling websites are most effective and enjoyable for mobile and small device users and it takes less load time, so scrolling websites may dominate in 2015 Lumin Innovative Web Services

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Lumin Innovative Web Services Scroll Web Design

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Flat web design With the success of Microsoft Windows 8, Flat web design also massively increased in web design trends. As we all know that flat design contain with bright colours with simple layout, and it also particular one focus on content without any distraction. Lumin Innovative Web Services

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Lumin Innovative Web Services Flat web design

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Typography Traditionally in many websites they may use Arial or Times New Roman are any other fonts in olden days, but in these days to increase the beauty of a website, web designers are using different fascinated fonts according to the design and backgrounds of a webpage Lumin Innovative Web Services

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Lumin Innovative Web Services Typography

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Illustrations Illustrated images, icons and fonts like as web graphics! As much as like info graphics. It is they easy way to offer a large amount of information with visual appeal to the user and it will suits for all types of business. Lumin Innovative Web Services

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Lumin Innovative Web Services Illustrations