5 UX Mistakes Killing Your Products

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5 UX MISTAKES THAT ARE KILLING YOUR PRODUCT •  Ketut Sulistyawati •  @tyawati 2015 SOMIA CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 12/3/15 1 http://goo.gl/gI4Vro

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1 Designing for yourself, never meet and talk with the users 2

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InsulinAngel was launched by Amin, a founder with Type 1 diabetes. He travels alot and his insulin is often exposed to varying temperatures week-to-week. So he solved the problem of monitoring the temperature of his own medication with InsulinAngel. Many new products are created because they solve a personal problem. But there comes a point when founders have to stop solving their own problems, and look at the bigger audience. Your experience of a problem is vastly different from everyone else's. http://blog.kennedyturner.com/designing-for-yourself/ 3 Insulinangel.com

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When designing, it’s easy to assume that everybody is like you. “YOU ARE NOT THE USER NEITHER IS YOUR BOSS” You know a lot about your products / services. But sometimes, knowing too much can backfire. It is difficult to unlearn what you know. Jessyca Frederick Director of Product Management, ThisNext Stop seeing inside-out, start involving your users and get fresh outside-in perspectives. 4

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UX MISTAKE 1. DESIGNING FOR YOURSELF How to Avoid Get out of the building and get to know your users! q  Observe how they behave q  Talk to them to understand their motivations and pains q  Empathize, put yourself in their shoes 7

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2 Overly focused on visual, forgetting the rest 8

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http://www.domperignon.com/agegate.php?redirect=/ 9

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"By adding Lorem Ipsum to the design you are essentially dressing your king before you know his size.” Kyle Fiedler https://goo.gl/gfboM3 10

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Visual design is just one of the factors that influence the user experience 12 http://goo.gl/DD8iJL

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UX is total, holistic experience http://goo.gl/H7LyCa 13

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UX MISTAKE 2. OVERLY FOCUSED ON VISUAL How to Avoid Consider all aspects that affect the experience q  Business goals q  User needs & ease of use q  Content q  Technical capabilities & limitation 14

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3 Settle in too early, never test with users, never iterate 15

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Pixel perfect is good. But doing this early on can be dangerous. You’ll become attached and feel bad to throw it away. 16 http://goo.gl/LNIRUc

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# ideas “what could be” Explore a lot of ideas Spend little time in each idea “what should be” Evolve selected ideas More time to refine “what will be” What could be What should be Specify what to build What to details Attention will be time 17

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Experience is the result of the interaction between the user and the product / service. If you don’t get people to try it, how would you know what the experience is like? If it’s in your head, it’s not experience 12/3/15 18

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DESIGN PROTOTYPE TEST 2015 SOMIA CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 12/3/15 21 image source: http://goo.gl/P4y616

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UX MISTAKE 3. SETTLE IN TOO EARLY How to Avoid Prototype, test, iterate q  Explore many solutions in the beginning q  Prototype, but no need to be perfect q  Test and learn q  Continuously iterate 22

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4 Copy blindly, without understanding context 23

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By all means take inspiration but it’s important not to blindly copy another design without trying to reverse engineer the rationale and really evaluate whether it’s a good design or not. You certainly don’t want to copy a flawed design and don’t assume that just because a big name is using the design that it’s any good! http://www.uxforthemasses.com/great-ux-ideas/ 26

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27 https://goo.gl/e5DsIW

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28 http://goo.gl/jI8nfg

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UX MISTAKE 4. COPY BLINDLY How to Avoid Always check with your context q  Ask why they use that specific design q  Ask how this is similar / different with your business, users, context q  Evaluate whether this will be consistent with the intended product / service experience 29

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Monkey see, Monkey do Don’t be monkey 30 http://goo.gl/DpBx39

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5 Work alone and hope you can do magic 31

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32 http://goo.gl/fHOom9

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A customer’s experience is affected by the whole story: brand, campaigns, websites, store design, packaging, product design, interaction design, customer support, user community, disposal / replacement. It’s absurd to think that one person can design all of this. Good UX design requires everyone in the team to understand the users, and do their part of the job to deliver experiences to the users in an orchestrated manner. 33

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UX MISTAKE 5. WORK ALONE How to Avoid Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate q  Discuss with clients, product managers, designers, developers, marketing, sales, customer service support team q  Bounce ideas with others (not necessarily your coworkers) q  Make friends with your users 34

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