(Some) Pitfalls Of Agile Learning Design

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(Some) Pitfalls Of Agile Learning Design Stephen Downes December 3, 2015 Presented to: Online Educa Berlin

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Learning Design…. https://www.imsglobal.org/learningdesign/ldv1p0/imsld_infov1p0.html

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Agile Learning Design….

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Scrum… Process: Self-organizing development teams Pitfall: Process takes time (storming, norming, performing) http://www.garfield.library.upenn.edu/classics1984/A1984TD25600001.pdf

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Pitfall: Very large self-organizing development teams SCRUM

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Pitfall: Competing self-organizing development teams TEAM A TEAM B

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Pitfall: ‘specialist’ scrums “potentially shippable product increment” http://www.amazon.com/Agile-Project-Management-Microsoft-Professional/dp/073561993X “I meet people who claim to be “doing Scrum” while executing “analysis sprints” or “design sprints” at the beginning, deferring integration and testing to the end, and holding different teams responsible for each phase…” http://scrumreferencecard.com/Obstacles_To_Enterprise_Agility_255033.pdf

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Process: Product Owner Pitfall: who is the Product Owner? http://www.agilesandiego.org/2013/01/31/mar-7th-mob-programming-a-whole-team-approach/

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Pitfall: Conflicting Expertise http://tisquirrel.me/tag/product-management/

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Pitfall: Learning Objectives? http://shah5thgrade.blogspot.de/

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Stephen Downes http://www.downes.ca