Capturing Contexts: A Workshop With Jobs-to-be-Done Tools

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Capturing Contexts A service for the very moment A workshop with jobs-to-be-done tools Service Experience Camp 2015 Andrej Balaz, Hannes Jentsch & Martin Jordan

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B A C KG R O U N D Product, Innovation, Design ANDREJ BALAZ,
 Senior Service Designer, IXDS HANNES JENTSCH,
 Design & Innovation Consultant, Freelance MARTIN JORDAN,
 Experience design, HERE/Nokia @Designamyte @Kaffeertrinken @Martin_Jordan

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POINT OF VIEW Customer jobs & hired solution JOBS • having a fresh breath • feeling fresh
 • preventing caries SOLUTION
 • toothpaste and toothbrush

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Ask & listen
 to your neighbour 2 MIN E AC H

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WA R M - U P Uncovering jobs Which interesting food related service did you start using this year? What ‘jobs’ is it doing for you? What did do the job before?

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Share with all of us

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EXAMPLE Let’s talk about
 something pleasant … What is the job of wine?

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EXAMPLE How most wines are
 organised in wine stores Source: Laurence Veale / ‘The jobs wine is hired for’ https://medium.com/@laurenceveale/the-jobs-wine-is-hired-for-272a929ea8be

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EXAMPLE Organising the retail space around a specific job: making dinner a little better Source: Laurence Veale / ‘The jobs wine is hired for’ https://medium.com/@laurenceveale/the-jobs-wine-is-hired-for-272a929ea8be

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EXAMPLE Organising the retail space 
 for a second job: expressing appreciation Source: Laurence Veale / ‘The jobs wine is hired for’ https://medium.com/@laurenceveale/the-jobs-wine-is-hired-for-272a929ea8be

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EXAMPLE Take-away Uncovering customer jobs helps understanding
 their desired outcomes Finding your real competition,
 refining the market you are in
 Rephrasing the messaging around your offering
 to match the customers’ mental model & language

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EXAMPLE Let’s look at a mobile service What is Pocket’s context of use?

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EXAMPLE Pocket: in the office 5 min, end of lunch break

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EXAMPLE Pocket: in the office Found article, saved for later

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EXAMPLE Pocket: on the go 15 mins time
 to bridge

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EXAMPLE Pocket: on the go Review articles, choose one

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EXAMPLE Pocket: at home On sofa, 45
 min free time

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EXAMPLE Pocket: at home Deep read & shared w/ others

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EXAMPLE Take-away Main job of ‘making me a smarter, better human’ carried through various contexts and situations Limited resources & capabilities in regards of time, space & cognitive capacities Specific sub-jobs that need a hand-over
 from one situation to another

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TOOLS & MINDSETS + + Al + + + Situation The better you can define the situation,
 the better you can design the solution against ir pa re n Ca ri n Ra i M M or n on d in ay g ar m rin di g d n’ t Us ua l at ly g th on at e tim e Context for understanding situational needs

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Goal-directed task analysis to investigate needs depending on situation and goals Situation Raining outside Situation Hellish hot outside Goal Getting to the office Goal Getting to the office Need Staying dry Need Getting there in time Need Not getting sweaty

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TOOLS & MINDSETS When Retool season A Sep ugust tem ber Oc No tober vem De cem ber be r January Februar y March April May June July Mo n We Tue day dn sda Th esd y a ur sd y Sa Frid ay tu ay rd ay c fac eb oo k traffi c tio n Con gest ion/ Con incid gest en ion/ Histo incid ts arou rical traffi ents on nd loc. … c aro r und oute locat ion ing rn n Mo Noo on no g n ter Af veni t E h Nig e ris un S set S un Travel … Situation … Outdoor attrib. … Commuter Fema le Male Age < 18 Age 18-2 9 Age 30-39 Traveler City Dweller profile/mode Who Alo ne Wit hk no Wit h an wn pe o ony … mo ple us c row d en Airp t s or to t re l te Ho fe Ca nt ra M au st AT Re re isu n Le tio sta ght PT Si ll Ma e pac gs ion kin Par Junct y hwa Hig … range Price urs ing ho Open ing le park Availab … Ta b De let Via skto Via WiF p i Via Blue t Ro 3G e oot am h t … ing c ac tiv e tm y ne ho r go te ca on oti m De pa r On s In b treet In/ uildin at ven g ue On In mo par k u On ntai wa n ter … typ e n t io rec l /di Stil ing ing ding r lk ea n Wa ng y/b esce ivi d Dr tor e c ing / j Tra end c As … Wher e … … locatio n Indoor Near POI of cat. X Near PO I cluste r of cat. X Movin g towa Dista rds X nce t o des tinatio Dista n nce t o PO I for Searched d Collecte y d to/b Share om to/fr m ed 1 oute eview R d a r 1d/1w/ ulate ince Calc ps g ap Usin P … ent intm ppo rs ed a in x hou n d plan g At a schedule eavin L en t nsit intm In tra Appo g Arrivin onth rly in m Ea salary) onth (f.ex Late in m Commute Known ar ea Unknown are a First time visit Routinely visited place Routinely used route Routine follow up action when x soc ial de vic e Ho w act. user ay nd ion occas routine lec Su me yti da co l we ek d ay po pu la r Lik e Lik d by e Po d by me pu la frie Vi s ite r on nds db f Vi s ited y m aceb oo e … by k frie nd s What Spring Summer Autumn Winter Dry season Wet season Clear In n io ct n tio colle ec o ll d s y c rien m yf m In … In c. lle o Cloudy Foggy Rainy y Snow my Stor Day ht Nig t Ho rm Wa d Mil l o Co zing e Fre … er ath we mon th

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TOOLS & MINDSETS Job Stories Communicate the design task Describe a real user’s need in context Validate design solutions

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TOOLS & MINDSETS Job Stories Formulate each job into a statement (or job story) When I want to Situation So I can Need Goal

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TOOLS & MINDSETS Job Stories When I am on my island round trip where I travel with a lot of stuff in a small backpack and only unreliable connection to the Internet I want to easily pick photos I took that day and share them whenever I have the opportunity So I can I can let my friends and family know how I am.

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VA L U E Benefits for all team members Product owners and managers know what kind of products they are developing and who they are competing with. Developers know the context of the product and its sprints, can prioritise better and see purpose. Designers know the context and desired outcomes of the user and can design against these accordingly. QA engineers know the essential use and test cases, can prioritise better.

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QUOTE “ because people are so focused on Often, the who and how, they totally miss the why. When you start to understand the why, your mind is then open to think of creative and original ways to solve the problem.
 ” — A L A N K L E M E N T, Product designer & engineer Source: Replacing The User Story With The Job Story, Medium,

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EXERCISE Let’s get hands-on … How might we create the best dinner food service for urban dwellers in special contexts?

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Get together in groups of 3,
 and describe a very specific evening dinner situation. 15 MIN

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Write 2 job stories When I want to Situation So I can Need Goal

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Share & Reflect: Present

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 tips and tricks

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Pitfalls #1 Don’t write stories
 too abstract.

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Pitfalls #2 Don’t formulate stories
 too general.

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Pitfalls #3 Don’t include solutions
 into stories.

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Pitfalls #4 Don’t include more than
 one context and goal.

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Pitfalls #5 Don’t fantasise or
 make your stories up.

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Tips & tricks #1 Think in struggles
 rather than outcomes.

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Tips & tricks #2 Write it like in the 70s –
 avoid mentioning tech.

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Tips & tricks #3 Start with the situation,
 continue with goal, only then
 turn to need. (GDTA)

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Tips & tricks #4 Split stories if find two goals
 or more contexts.

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Tips & tricks #5 If you struggle in writing,
 do further research!

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F U R T H E R S T U DY I N G In ‘The Service Gazette’ #1

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Thanks for your interest and for joining! And see you at a #JTBD meetup nearby some time soon All infos about the Jobs-to-be-Done Meetup Berlin here: http://meetup.com/Berlin-Jobs-To-Be-Done-Meetup/

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