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DIY DESIGN HACKS How to Use Visual Marketing to Leave the Competition in the Dust Peg Fitzpatrick Director of Digital Media Co-Author of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

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I’m @PegFitzpatrick. Social media strategist and co-author of The Art of Social Media

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Why visual marketing? Why do people share on social media? How to create your visual style guide How to use visuals with your blog Tips for tools SESSION OVERVIEW

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Why use visual marketing?

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93% Of our communication is visual. Via Hubspot

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Images are easy to remember and quick to consume.

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2 Why do people share on social media?

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94% Of people consider whether this will be helpful for others. From The New York Times Psychology of Sharing study

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Share to grow and nourish relationships Be helpful Define ourselves to others From The New York Times Psychology of Sharing study Sharing is caring

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Most people are not content creators.

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Keep it simple Share with beautiful graphics Provide helpful information Make it easy to share

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Is your content helpful? Easy to share?

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3 How to create a style guide

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“Strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of these two things.” Lindon Leader

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Color palette Mood and feel of brand Font choices Type of image Elements of style

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Color palette Choose two or three colors for your brand. Be consistent!

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Use a photo that you love Adobe Color will help you create a palette Save the color codes in Canva Don’t guess on colors How to create a custom color palette

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Be consistent Using the same colors helps people recognize your brand in an instant.

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Mood and feel Playful? Serious? Inviting?

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Font choices Choose two or three fonts for your brand. Keep it simple.

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Images Tell a story with consistent images and graphics. Use the same filter.

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4 How to use visual marketing with your blog

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Make it easy to share Add Open Graph images to your blog posts.

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Title it right! Write great titles for each post. Keywords count but write for humans, not algorithms.

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Meta data counts Your meta data becomes the subtitle on posts when shared on social media.

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Pinterest 735 pixels x 1102 pixels Instagram 640 pixels x 640 pixels Blog post 735 pixels x 315 pixels (or to fit your theme) Facebook 940 pixels x 788 pixels Twitter 1000 pixels x 500 pixels LinkedIn 700 pixels x 400 pixels Sizes for social media graphics

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5 Tools of the trade

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Canva Create your own templates Resize designs with a click Easy to work with a team

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Pic Monkey Use all the fonts on your computer Create transparent backgrounds Easy to use

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Lynda.com Invest in learning Amazing tutorials Educate at your own pace

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Adobe Creative Huge array of products Adobe Color for palettes Create professional designs

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YouTube Tutorials for visual learners Subscribe to channels for updates Easy to use

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Canva Pic Monkey Lynda.com Adobe Creative Suite YouTube tutorials Visual design tools

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6 Get appy

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Word Swag Super quick mobile designs Add your watermark Tons of photos to use

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Over App Cool designs Unique fonts Holiday artwork packs

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PS Express Edit your photos One-touch editing Filters

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Adobe Color Create beautiful palettes from your smartphone photos and share across all devices

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Camera Awesome Grids for photos Golden ratio template One finger zoom Photo or video

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Word Swag Over App PS Express Adobe Color Camera Awesome by Smug Mug Get Appy

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Questions? Love to hear them!

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Thank you! Find me @ PegFitzpatrick.com