US vs UK – The 10 Distinct Marketing Design Disparities

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US vs Revolutionary UK Marketing Design Disparities

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America and England Countries Language Separated by the same are the 2 George Bernard Shaw

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Though the language is the same the form of Design expressions Varies

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You will be surprised to know 59 percent of design work is outsourced in the US and UK

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Both UK and US marketers consider brand identity as a top Priority for marketing

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But their approaches to marketing design trends differ

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Let’s find What are the things that Brits and Americans Do Differently

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UK US keeps it simple to make it legible bring out legibility in complex art Legibility

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Visual Hierarchy

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UK US Big to Small Visual Hierarchy A mix

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UK US The less is more The more the better Simplicity

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UK US Usually on the Edge Mostly in the Center Alignment

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UK US Text enjoys free space Content fits perfectly Spacing

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UK US Crisp but distant In the eye font Font

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Color coordination

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UK US Will not risk endangering the theme Can handle more colors Color Coordination

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Brand consistency

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UK US More experimentations Follows brand consistency to the core Brand consistency

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Visual and verbal Harmony

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UK US Blend of designs Monochome Visual and verbal Harmony

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UK US Every inch of the story More action words plot

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So what kind of marketing designs will you prefer We can help

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