5 Reasons Your Company Has Bad UX

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Why your company is bad at UX The 5 things preventing great UX in your enterprise

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User Experience is a lot of things • UX is really a mixture of disciplines that when can combined create something special • This advice really all about your digital products no your advertising or marketing

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1. Know your goals

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Outcomes over deliverables • Goals are not deliverables • Use things like, revenue, downloads, engagement, conversation, retention & referrals • Outcomes should always be measurable • Know how you will track these outcomes

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Know the potential • You shouldn’t start a project without knowing its potential value to the company • Know what a 1% improvement on your key metics translates into in revenue • Some projects turn out to not be worth very much when calculated this way, don't do those projects

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2. Marketing is not the same as product

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Create a clear owner for your UX and product • Marketing owners may not have the right mandate, they often ask for the wrong things • Your marketing team likely lacks real product skills and domain knowledge • Ensure that on both client and agency side you have product and UX expertise

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Don’t make random annual budgets • Most big companies create random budgets for their projects or departments • Base your budget on the potential • The wrong budget sends the wrong signal to the team building your product

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If you want to outsource, find product people • Always hire the right team for the right job, don't hire ad people to make products. • UX has its own skills, culture, team structure, processes, business models, timelines

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3. Create alignment

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Always create a dedicated team • A focus on outcomes over deliverables means you need a team to see a project from start to finish • You want people to identify with the product they are building not the discipline they are a part of • The client product manager is a full time member of this team with no exceptions

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Experiment with new compensation agreements • If you know that 1% conversation increase is worth $500k a year, why not give an incentive? • If you find that you don't have that much to gain from the project, maybe rethink doing it

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Separate your goals from user goals • Bad UX happens when you prioritize your companies goals over your users goals • List your users goals against yours so you can find and fix any conflicts

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4. Go faster

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Build prototypes and iterate • You can start testing within days of starting a project • Build prototypes of small but key parts of the product • If you are a month into a project with nothing to test you are doing it wrong

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You seriously need to ship sooner • Shipping means putting it online for real users to use • Shipping your product doesn't require a lot of fanfare, ad campaigns or press releases • The big marketing push should come later only when your product is hitting its metrics

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Empower your team • Bureaucracy, committees, meetings are the death of speed • If you know your goals then you don't need to go back to get approval for every little thing • Reviews with executives are pointless, test things and share results • Create a project owner and empower them to make big choices quickly and on their own

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5. Products are never finished

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Launch day is really just the start • Launch is really just the first day you can start working on UX in a meaningful way • Plan your budgets, engagements, contracts, teams accordingly. • Since you are testing and shipping sooner, launch day isn't a big deal

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Bring some of the work in house • Working on it with an agency forever will not be within your budget, bring some tasks in house • Continue to outsource the key parts you can’t do • If you know the value then continuing to work on your product should make you money, not cost you

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Continue to measure and share data • Don’t ever stop measuring • Share the data with everyone, be super transparent • Be honest to yourself and your team mates about the data, even if its bad • Use the data to move quickly and make changes

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