Civic User Testing Group UX Testing, Digital Skills & Community Engagement

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Sonja Marziano Project Coordinator, Smart Chicago Collaborative @ssmarziano #CUTGroup Civic User Testing Group UX Testing, Digital Skills & Community Engagement

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A civic organization devoted to improving lives in Chicago through technology.

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What is the CUTGroup?

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A community of over 1,000 residents in Chicago & all of Cook County

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…who get paid to test websites & apps to help create better technology.

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If it doesn’t work for you… it doesn’t work! “ ”

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CUTGroup is a new model for UX testing Digital Skills Community Engagement

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UX Testing Developers who work with us get specific, actionable feedback Both quantitative and qualitative information Stray from UX test design principles in a key way: by requiring the developer to participate in the test

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Digital Skills Each test consists of a mix of 10 – 20 people with varying digital skills Introduce to new websites and technology Developers learn how to conduct UX tests to improve their sites

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Community Engagement Diverse groups of testers from different neighborhoods Conversations about technology between residents and developers

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CUTGroup Book We wrote about how-to run a CUTGroup in your own city here: www.cutgroupbook.org

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What defines a CUTGroup?

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The people: developers next to residents

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It’s not a CUTGroup if you only test civic apps

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It is a CUTGroup when you engage with people around technology

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People want to help make tech better.

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“Loved being able to help contribute to the development of this product.” "It's so nice to blather on and on..." “I loved it. I am ready for the next one.” “I was not expecting this - this was so fun”

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How do you engage through UX testing?

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Invite Ask Listen Respond

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Invite Ask Listen Respond

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Invite (everyone) Recruit from inside and outside your networks Build individual 1:1 relationships with your testers Money is nice ? physical gift card

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Everyone is right for CUTGroup regardless of the tech you want to test (tech comes later, not first)

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Everyone means everyone Recruitment is never over! Find new ways to engage with residents and make it easier for them to join.

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Physical gift cards cost more than digital gift cards

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These gift cards do not require digital skills to use them

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Text message allows people who do not have regular access to the Internet to participate

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Choosing these new testers puts them in front of computers and new technology bit.ly/cutgrouptext

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Invite Ask Listen Respond

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Ask Regular & open communication about testing opportunities Gather information with screening questions Ask after every test about CUTGroup Learn why testers do or do not participate in tests

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Screening Questions Signing up for CUTGroup is a simple form We do not capture tons of demographic info Work with developer to determine what questions to ask to get the right testers

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Experiences Demographics

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Screening questions to gather relevant information about testers for test

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Testers can be part of the CUTGroup and choose which questions to answer

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Invite Ask Listen Respond

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Listen Provide an opportunity for open and honest feedback and then listen A community space is important Listen to tech and non-tech experiences Capture the responses in different formats

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Meet people in the community

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Proctoring Developers next to residents Training proctors (developers, project managers, organization staff) Using Wufoo form as a script/outline and a place to capture answers/take notes

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Talk about the person’s experiences not just about how they use technology

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“How do you typically learn about your child’s school?” “Do you search online for…?” “How do you find out about changes in your neighborhood?” “How would you describe the availability of arts programming in your neighborhood? “What is your current relationships with health info on the Internet?”

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Keep asking questions “Why did you just click that?” “What did you expect to happen?” “Why or why not?” “Care to elaborate?” “Can you tell me more…?”

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How would you improve this [website]? Tell us anything & everything you can.

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Invite Ask Listen Respond

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Respond Share results, data, and more Take the feedback and make changes Record and document Respond to testers’ comments about the CUTGroup experience

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Report & Data In-depth analysis of each question Quantitative and qualitative data Videos, pictures and more! Github issues when possible Share the data

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The next step… Find new ways to help developers make changes

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If it doesn’t work for you… it doesn’t work! “ ”

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Let’s talk! …and while we do let me thank these foundations for their support: