Humanizing Design: 13 Ways to Provoke Psychological Responses through Custom Logo Designs

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Humanizing Design 13 Ways to Provoke Psychological Responses Through Custom Logo Designs @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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@LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Striking aren’t they? @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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What’s the one thing that makes these famous logos memorable? @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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It’s the human element @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Small businesses and startups can capitalize on human element to create brand differentiation @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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But for that they need to understand their target audience @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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People will buy your idea, service and product only if it gives a sense of bonding @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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You need to incorporate the factor of trust and care in your design @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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There are 13 ways through which you can incorporate human element in your logo design to make it … @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Powerful @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Captivating @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Emotional @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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1. A brand tagline that connects to your customers’ requirements @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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2. The colors that induce emotional responses of trust and faith @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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3. A shape that explains your brand ideology in a positive gesture @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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4. An icon narrating that your company upholds cultural values @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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5. A symbol explaining reliability and consistency as your brand’s attitude @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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6. The design expressions that provoke constructive and long term relationship @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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7. A visual reflecting desired emotions, for instance: a. An insurance company’s logo will signify a sense of security b. A café logo will focus on nostalgia @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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8. A focused design illuminates powerful feel of the brand @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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9. The minimalist art pleasing the customer retention @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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10. An intelligent space communicating brand’s core message @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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11. A visual metaphor connecting audience to brand insights @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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12. A font narrating the emotions connected to your brand @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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13. An element that is flexible for creating elegance in the design @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Creating a humanized custom logo design sounds easy, but it is tricky. @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Try to strike a balance when creating a humanized design @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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