13 Tips for Personalized Stationary Designs: A Branding Strategy for Startups

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13 Tips for Personalized Stationery Designs A B ra n d i n g S t rat e g y fo r S t a rt u p s @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Do you know that stationery design is crucial to your startup branding strategy? @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Stationery design is your brand touch point that shouts out your brand’s existence @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Stationery design becomes a walking talking promotional means to your customers and target audience @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Personalized stationery designs include letterheads, pens, business cards, envelops, book cover, CD covers, and note pads etc. @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Your brand identity is embedded and printed on your brand touch points for brand recognition @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Personalizing stationary is crucial for your startup branding because … @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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1. It is easily accessible @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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2. Instantly gets the audience attention @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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3. Provide sense of belonging @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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4. Creates a humanistic connection with your audience @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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5. Gives a sense of pride for employee branding @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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6. Your target audience becomes your brand ambassadors @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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7. Helps in remembering and reconnecting with brand @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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8. Stays in front of your audience 24/7 @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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9. A motivation for employees and clients to choose your brand @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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10. Communicates a gesture of loyalty @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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However, by just getting a brand identity printed on your stationary is not enough for branding @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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It requires strategy, creativity, and visual thinking to actually make an effective stationary design @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Small businesses and startups should be very particular about designing their stationary @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Because a futile design can also turn your clients and customers off @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Here are 13 tips to help you create exceptional stationary designs for your brand: @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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1. Make sure your brand identity colors, fonts and symbol remains the same, even after printing @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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2. Your stationary can have a tagline to have deeper impact on your target audience @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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3. The brand identity should be more obvious than the stationary itself @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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4. Make your design visually appealing @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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5. It should draw an emotional connection with humanistic touch @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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6. Make it more fun to use and market by adding some humorous content @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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7. Make it a memorable design experience by adding creativity @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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8. It should narrate the story of your brand for customers to remember your services or product @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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9. Use symbols and icons to make it culturally relevant @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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10. Make sure it provides details for easy networking @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Are you looking forward to exceptional personalized stationary design for branding your startup? @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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Make the process easy and cost effective by clicking here @LogoDesignGuru #ThinkDesign

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