Why Growth Hacking is the Next Big Thing for Marketing

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growth hacking Golden Drum, October 16. 2015, Portorož @andjelicaaa

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hello, i am Ana. @andjelicaaa

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… and these are the things that inspire me. org structure & media org management media management media studies new org forms knowledge networks media business digital branding distributed cognition technology studies social psychology economic sociology design thinking cognitive psychology organizational innovation behavioral economics @andjelicaaa actor-network theory

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my goal is to help clients disrupted by technology to better understand how to successfully use it to connect with their customers and achieve business results. @andjelicaaa

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i have a holistic approach to problem-solving and agnostic approach as to what the solution should be. @andjelicaaa

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spot opportunity created by external disruptors spot opportunity for creating unique source of value. spot opportunity in the long-range horizon. @andjelicaaa

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i am here to talk about growth hacking. @andjelicaaa

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why is this question relevant? @andjelicaaa

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ten years ago, today’s fastest-growing brands of did not exist. ana @andjelicaaa & jana @janasavic

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The biggest marketing innovations do not come grom marketing agencies. @andjelicaaa

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Marketing innovations come from those who have neither the marketing budgets nor its know-how. @andjelicaaa

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don’t tell me that you’re funny, tell me a joke. @andjelicaaa

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the 1% rule. @andjelicaaa

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Sir Brailsford is a growth hacker. @andjelicaaa

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So are Airbnb, Uber, Instagram and Spotify. @andjelicaaa

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Instagram’s “Suggested” is an example… @andjelicaaa

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Or Dropbox’s “Invite Your Friends” @andjelicaaa

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Or Apple’s “Sent from my iPhone” @andjelicaaa

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User acquisition, retention and referrals are designed into the product experience architecture from a get-go. @andjelicaaa

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Still, there’s nothing that creates scale like network effects. @andjelicaaa

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To get enough users on board to create network effects, the most famous modern brands have all “piggybacked” on other, pre-existing social networks. @andjelicaaa

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Airbnb piggybacked on Craigslist. @andjelicaaa

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Paypal piggybacked on eBay. @andjelicaaa

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Snapchat and Whatsapp piggybacked on our phone books. @andjelicaaa

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Thanks to piggybacking, these brands didn’t have to create network effects from zero. @andjelicaaa

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In the world of traditional marketing, massive spend on distribution often compensates for bad products. @andjelicaaa

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what channel is Netflix on? @andjelicaaa

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product + distribution = modern marketing @andjelicaaa

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proizvod product exp system policy

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if modern marketing were an animal, it would be … @andjelicaaa

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the first step toward modern marketing is to redefine it. @andjelicaaa

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Modern marketing sits at the intersection of business, technology & creativity. @andjelicaaa

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Modern marketing is the worst thief there is. @andjelicaaa

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Modern marketing has a love affair with the consumer. @andjelicaaa

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Modern marketing swears by a good story. @andjelicaaa

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Modern marketing is in the service business. @andjelicaaa

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“It’s easier for companies to come up with new ideas than to let go of old ones.” Peter Drucker @andjelicaaa

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thank you. you can find me on https://medium.com/@andjelicaaa @andjelicaaa

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