Persuasion is an Art. Coherence is a Duty

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Data-Driven User Experiences • Persuasion is an Art. Coherence is a Duty •

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LUIGI REGGIANI Head of Data Analytics, Google EMEA

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Always ON.

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Relevancy & Trust.

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Transparency, Price, Quality, Delivery.

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Simplicity & Ergonomy

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Users are in Control.

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Bridging the GAP.

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During this session 75 PB* of Data is going to be created. * 75 000 000 000 000 000 bytes (This is a very big number)

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YOU’D NEED 580’000 iPhones TO STORE ALL OF THIS DATA. * iPhone 6 - 128 GB © Apple Inc.

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dia Dyn Use Dyn On /O xDe Dat Op An aly tics S& Dat ala yer s TM dQ ual ity D ata fied zed timi Goo Uni Op timi zed Ad s Ass An ets aly tics vice aC ons olid atio n Dat a ff D ata rC entr icity Dat Me am a-d Mix ic C ont ents ic A ds am rive nJ our ney Mo del

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{TESTING} Ads•Media Mix•Assets with Quantitative & Qualitative Data

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Get inspired by Design Thinking Put Users First + Iterate + Prototype [Phased, Agile, Ongoing] + [Empathy & Emotion]

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Measuring IMPACT of Brand Campaigns

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{Testing+Targeting} • • • • Per Per Per Per Traffic Source (Facebook, Google...) Media Type (Search, Display) User type (New vs Returning) Device (Android, iOs)

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Your CVRs may be totally WRONG..

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The xDevice EFFECT • Desktop Share of Conversions goes down • Mobile Share of Conversions goes up • Desktop CVRs goes up. • Mobile CVRs are flat. • Desktop Engagement Metrics for New Users goes down +18% Sources: Internal Study / Merkle RKG Study on xDevice effects

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The o2S EFFECT x2.4 Source: Galeries Lafayette Case Study

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Going USER-Centric

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The Power of • Personalization •

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Ad Centric • • • • • Site Centric Demographics Interests & Affinity segments In-Market Segments Behavior CRM Data, Customer type, LTV

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■ ■ ■ ■ Sources: Rocket Fuel Survey, 2014. Pop. 805. Country : US 44% users appreciate a personalized experience when buying products 69% appreciate personalized ad messaging 59% feel more considered as clients 58% would be more loyal to a brand personalizing experience

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DYNAMIC Email•Remarketing•RTB SMS• Push Notifications with the right - Personalized Frequency - Personalized Cadence - Personalized Message - Personalized Call to Action - Look-a-like Modeling - Personalized Business Rules …. Could this also work offline Ads ? … What if you could let users decide ?

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DYNAMIC CONTENTS with the right - Products - Product Recommendations - Price & Dedicated Offers

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© Marketoonist.

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Coherent & Relevant Experiences across Sites, Apps, Call Center, Stores

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BE THE CAPTAIN Not the Cook.

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Powerfull Algorithms driven by your BUSINESS RULES Integrated with as many data sources as possible.

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• Data Driven User Experiences • • Persuasion is an Art. Coherence is a Duty • THANK YOU @LuigiReggiani

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