Redesigning Purdue Libraries website

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Redesigning Purdue Libraries website Tao Zhang Digital User Experience Specialist Purdue university libraries

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Why redesign? Significant part of library service Access to electronic resources Books Purdue collections Library service

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The process Discovery Information Architecture Site Prototyping User stories Personas Content inventory Sitemap Wireframes Visual Design & Theming Content types Page mockups Implementation Completed look & feel Testing & Launch Staging User testing & refinement

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Discovery Students Faculty Library staff Contextual inquiry Interviews Google analytics Content inventory

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Usability lab

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Discovery Dominance of search

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Discovery | Content

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Discovery | Content Quick access

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Discovery | Content

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Discovery “Too many and often redundant links.” “Difficult to find information.” Users want: Quick access to resources Information about library facilities

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Design plan Personas Content Sitemap Gap analysis Design

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Personas Jenny Sophomore Article Course reserve books Library hours Brian 3rd year PhD student Database Google Scholar Kate Article Database Services Associate Professor

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Persona 1 (Jenny) Less experienced user (sophomore student) Goals and actions: Discover articles Through article search or from one or two databases with help Locate books Mainly through course reserves Used book search only a few times Study in the library Hours and location Study room reservation

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Persona 2 (Brian) Experienced user (third year PhD student) Goals and actions: Find and locate specific articles with full text Through databases and Google Scholar Enter frequently used databases Through library website

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Persona 3 (Kate) Faculty (associate professor) Goals and actions: Find and locate specific articles with full text From databases Does not trust Google Scholar Enter frequently used databases Through library website Understand and use library services Work with librarians to develop and use library guides Teach students how to use library website

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GAP analysis | Example

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GAP analysis | Example Book delivery mechanisms: Interlibrary loan & UBorrow Purchase request Ideal situation for user: Enter book information once on a single form Receive book a.s.a.p. and keep it as long as possible What needs to happen at library: Quick decision-making (borrow vs. purchase) Information integrated from multiple sources New workflow between departments Design a new request system Reduce user input Utilize OpenURL & Linked Data Information from various stakeholders Communication with user

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Library page

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Library page

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Behind the scene Content workflow User profiles Pre-fetched index Searching across databases Single UI for all search results

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Questions? zhan1022@purdue.edu