Intro to Product Design

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HACKDUKE PRESENTS Intro to Product Design

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Soleio Cuervo Blaise DiPersia Bobby Goodlatte 2003 2003 2008

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INTRO What is Product Design?

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Product design is about answering problems

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Emphasizing form

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and function

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That paints an inspiring future

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or many

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CONTEXT Why is it important?

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It’s everywhere

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At its worst, design can kill

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“Jenny had died, all because her very seasoned nurses were preoccupied trying to figure out this interface.” J O N AT H A N S H A R I AT, T R A G I C D E S I G N

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At best, design can positively change the world

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“Your life, in your pocket.” STEVE JOBS, WWDC 2007

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PROCESS How do you design a product?

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CA S E ST U DY How Airbnb designed trust into their experience

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1. Define the problem & limits

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Are you solving a real problem?

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PROBLEM People are not booking rooms.

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Understand your audience Prioritize their needs

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PROBLEM People are not booking rooms because they do not trust the listings.

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2. Come up with a hypothesis

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HYPOTHESIS People would trust listings more if we improved how homes were presented

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Identify success

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SUCCESS DEFINED We will be successful when travelers book more AirBnB stays (quantitative) and feel more comfortable doing so (qualitative).

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…and what might keep you from getting there

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CONSTRAINT Hosts are not expert curators. Most listings do not even have professional photos. So, we’re going to have to help with that :)

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3. Make ideas tangible & testable

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4. Test, observe, record

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5. Refine the design

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6. Rinse & repeat

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How do you know when you’re “done”?

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You won’t really ever be*

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EXERCISE Shooters Safety

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ASSIGNMENT Durham officials have observed increasing safety issues among students going out to Shooters, particularly theft and physical harm. Duke has hired you and the people sitting next to you to design a solution to ensure students get home safely.

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C O N S I D E R AT I O N S EXECUTION: 3 MONTHS • • • • B U D G E T: $ 5 0 , 0 0 0 Duke administration is the client Females are most affected victims Solution can be delivered in any form Be sure to define what success looks like

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TA K E A W AY S Resources

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TOOLS WIREFRAMING Balsamiq, Pen & Paper VISUALS Photoshop, Sketch (Bohemian Coding) PROTOTYPING InVision, Flinto, Origami, Pixate, HTML/CSS

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LEARNING CLASSES HackDesign, Design+Code, Abduzeedo I N S P I R AT I O N pttrns, Dribbble, Behance, Product Hunt, facebook.github.io/design/ DUKE HackDuke, DiDA, Campus Enterprises, Design for America, Duke I&E

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C O N TA C T M E se74@duke.edu @soengle soengle.com

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THE END Thanks

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