The Future of Web Design Is Not Code

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Sergie Matthew

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Sergie Matthew

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Sergie Matthew

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Sergie Matthew

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People Who Know How to Code People Who Don’t

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Instruction 1 Instruction 2 Instruction 3 Computer Program

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Instruction 1 Instruction 2 Instruction 3 Fancier Program

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Some HTML Some CSS Some JavaScript Fancy Website

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3D Animator

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3D Modeler

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Cinematic Grading Artist

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Digital Artist

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Digital Illustrator

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Game Level Designer

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Particle Effects Artist

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Print Designer

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Texture Artist

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Video Editor

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Visual Effects Artist

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Web Designer

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Sergie Matthew

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“ The most damaging phrase in the language is We’ve always done it this way! -Grace Hopper

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“The most dangerous thing you can think as a creative person is to think that you know exactly what you’re doing. Because once you do that, you stop looking around for other ways to do things. You become blind to the possibilities.” -Bret Victor

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The Web is the first supermedium we’ve ever created.

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People Empowered to Build for the Web People Who Aren’t

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Sergie Matthew

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