How Experiences Sell Products

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How experiences sell products @lucyblackwell | lucy.blackwell@futurelearn.com

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Experiences make you feel alive.

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PART 1: FEELINGS By paying attention to the users emotional experience we can understand better the motivations driving users’ decisions.

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PART 1: FEELINGS Experiences can change how people feel about themselves.

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How does this make you feel?

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PART 2: SHARING Every experience can be seen as a conversation, an opportunity to connect.

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“Strong social connections… are essential ingredients to psychological well-being. Experiences, much more than material possessions, tend to encourage these types of social connections.” FROM A STUDY CONDUCTED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY TITLED ‘THE RELATIVE RELATIVITY OF MATERIAL AND EXPERIENTIAL PURCHASES.’

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PART 2: SHARING Experiences encourage social activity, which people like to share with others, so users end up selling your product for you.

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"Don't bother with the Kings and Queens of England. All of you should learn these dates instead."

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“A satisfying experience, often becomes even more positive over time as it is embellished in memory.” FROM A STUDY CONDUCTED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY TITLED ‘THE RELATIVE RELATIVITY OF MATERIAL AND EXPERIENTIAL PURCHASES.’

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PART 3: MEMORIES Experiences get better with age, as the story is retold again and again.

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PART 3: MEMORIES Surprises can make an experience very memorable.

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“Survey subjects rated life experiences as making them happier and as a better use of money than buying objects… But they actually spent their cash on material goods, whose value is more easily quantifiable.” FROM ‘THE HIDDEN COST OF VALUE-SEEKING: PEOPLE DO NOT ACCURATELY FORECAST THE ECONOMIC BENEFITS OF EXPERIENTIAL PURCHASES’

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PART 4: VALUE Physical mementos can enrich an experience and make the product feel more valuable.

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Verification builds trust, and providing a more detailed transcript to show the quality of the work done, as well as the effort put in adds value.

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PART 4: VALUE Customised mementos will make an experience feel more unique and valuable to the user.

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$14,916.00 Raised. 169 Songs written.

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GREAT EXPERIENCES…. Make us feel alive… Are very share-able… Create a lasting memory… Add value…

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Your memento. Thank you! @lucyblackwell | lucy.blackwell@futurelearn.com

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