The UX of Great Animation

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Great UI animation has purpose and style http://img.archiexpo.com/images_ae/photo-g/contemporary-chair-polypropylene-charles-ray-eames-80422-3019841.jpg

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Animating With Purpose

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The Brain Benefits of Animation Reduce cognitive load Prevent change blindness Better recall of spacial relationships Lower perceived load times

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Design Problems Animation Can Solve

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Orientation Reinforce mental models of the interface and show how content is related.

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Guide Tasks By showing cause and effect and cueing current or potential actions.

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Demonstrate Showing how something works or what to expect in a short amount of time.

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Direct Attention Leading the eye and calling attention to changes and important items.

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Going “Faster” Perceived performance gains by 
 transitioning content in.

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“Our findings indicate that the psychological mechanism of transitions is completely different from progress bars”

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The Bigger Picture

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Choreography Designing all your UI animations 
 to feel logical and related.

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Similar objects animate in similar ways

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Entrance informs exit

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Match velocities

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Cohesive over consistent.

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Be Inspired!

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