Uncomfortable UX: making life difficult and improving your product

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Uncomfortable UX: making life difficult and improving your product Chris Atherton Senior UX Consultant Equal Experts @finiteattention

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pain in the ass

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usability of online visa forms

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no plan survives contact with the enemy — Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

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no wireframe survives contact with the user

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my mission: ants in your pants

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I want you to get UNCOMFORTABLE

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out of your comfort zone

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strong urge to make things better

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uncomfortable is where progress happens

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1. uncomfortably fast research cycles

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test early, test often

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are you doing any usability testing with real people?

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are you testing in every development cycle?

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has the product you’re testing been released yet?

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test in every development cycle

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...learn in every development cycle

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test early, test often test lightweight

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we went to language schools

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we used gotomeeting

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I went to Starbucks

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2. uncomfortably unfinished product

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“it’s not ready to test yet”

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“what do we have that nobody’s seen?”

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consider ... how much authority you’re wearing

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... they might need permission to criticise

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we used flat mockups

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sometimes we used comic sans

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users don’t care if it’s not finished

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3. uncomfortable team involvement

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wireframing workshop

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“come with us and observe research”

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“come with us and take notes”

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“come with us and talk with our users”

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‘bring your own device’ day

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solutions sessions

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4. uncomfortable communication

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affinity sorts

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quick and dirty email summaries

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show video clips every cycle

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video clips should be EXCRUCIATING

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show, don’t tell

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inexpensive software

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clip libraries

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5. uncomfortable personal growth

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take risks

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learn new skills

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challenge the client

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can’t complain nobody understands UX

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can’t dismiss users

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can’t dismiss usability

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may become MOTIVATED

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may have to start LIKING PEOPLE

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your mission: ants in their pants

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