UXPA Boston 2014

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UXPA Boston 2014   Beyond personas: Creating an Immersive Customer Experience Michele Marut and Duncan Wannamaker

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improve our customers’ financial lives so profoundly… they can’t imagine going back to the old way Intuit Mission

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Background Goal My role Product Manager (PM) RDP

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Point Of Sale (POS) DEFINED

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The Ask THE ASK Must address strategy customer pain points Create an interactive demo for the CEO

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Getting started

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Persona elements Background Mix of retail and service Has 3 employees Been in business for 3 years Tools Used Excel Cash register Credit card terminal

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Tell me, I’ll forget Show me, I’ll remember  Involve me, I’ll understand - Chinese proverb

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A Script

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Create the Customer’s Shoes

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Putting Real Customers in the Customers’ shoes

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Real “inventory”

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“Hacked” Usability lab

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The reward for this hard work was to watch real small business owners trying these prototypes during lab sessions and asking questions like “when can I have it?” Tim Beschastnov Sr. Product Development Manager

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Walk in the customers’ shoes (aka Eating our own dogfood)

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Team work session

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Live Demos

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Helen’s Habitat’s moved to a bigger and better location

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Stakeholders as Customers

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What we did Created the customers shoes Put customers in those customer shoes Put the team in the customer shoes (aka eat our own dogfood)

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EMPATHY Stakeholder support A better product Increase in morale Wide range of uses

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improved our Our Lives so profoundly… We can’t imagine going back to the old way Our experience

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Stock image $30 Printed on company plotter - FREE Bookshelves and desk in room - FREE “Donated” or “borrowed” items FREE Props $35

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Learn More Watch a video of the room and get other details here - http://awards.designforexperience.com/gallery/2013/promoting-empathy-for-users/intuit

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Michele Marut Michele_marut@intuit.com @michelemarut THANK YOU! Duncan Wannamaker Duncan_wannamaker@intuit.com @jdwannamaker