A practical guide to Accessible User Experience (AUX)

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A practical guide to Accessible User Experience (AUX) Leonie Watson LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 1

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What is AUX? LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 2

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Accessibility is UX magnified One person's challenge is another person's barrier LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 3

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UX is accessibility everywhere Usability Creativity Technology LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 4

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Where does AUX happen? LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 5

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With the device Desktop or laptop Smartphone or tablet Hybrid LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 6

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With the OS Windows, OSX or Linux iOS, Android or Windows Phone LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 7

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With the browser Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 8

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With assistive technology Screen readers Screen magnifiers Speech recognition tools Alternative input devices LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 9

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With people We come in many different shapes and sizes, with different capabilities LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 10

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Creating AUX LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 11

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Content order for mouse LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 12

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Content order for keyboard

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Content order for both

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Consistent layout LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 15

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Consistent behaviour LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 16

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Helpful links LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 17

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Clear instructions LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 18

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Interaction control LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 19

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How is AUX measured? LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 20

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Accessibility guidelines Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 21

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Accessibility testing With disabled people from your target audience LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 22

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Where does AUX begin? LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 23

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With technology Platforms, tools and technologies influence AUX LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 24

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With attitude Requirements, management and prioritisation influence AUX LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 25

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With you AUX begins with the first step towards the finished product LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 26

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Where will AUX be in the future? LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 27

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New devices Wearable tech Implanted tech Augmented reality LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 28

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New interactions Speech input Speech output Content manipulation LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 29

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Thank you LJWatson.co.uk @LeonieWatson 30