Design in the Public Realm

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Sir John Sorrell Chairman, London Design Festival

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DESIGN IN THE PUBLIC REALM Gokhan Karakus Director of Emedya

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Luke Pearson Director of Pearson Lloyd Paul Priestman Director of Priestman Goode Can Yalman Designer/Manufacturer

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GREAT Festival 21. 05. 2014

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Public realm Environment Service Product

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Our work Healthcare Transport City Workplace

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Healthcare Design Bugs Out Design Council UK

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Healthcare Patient Dignity Design Council UK

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Healthcare A Better A&E Design Council UK Everyone is assessed using the same scale of priority categories: from 1 (life-threatening) to 5 (non-urgent) Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Priority 4 Priority 5 Within each priority category, we treat the most serious cases first. Patients who arrive by ambulance are assessed in the same way as people who arrive unassisted. A specialist nurse, called the triage nurse, will assess the urgency of your injury or illness. Assessment categories

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Transport Virgin Atlantic Airways Transport for London

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Transport Lufthansa Business Class Seat and Cabin

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Transport Lufthansa Business Class Seat and Cabin

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City Westfield guest services

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City Bath heritage research and strategy

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City Bath pedestrian wayfinding

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City Bath street furniture

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City Bath transport

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Workplace Commercial office space Hospitality - IHG

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Workplace Bene Parcs

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Workplace Bene Parcs

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Workplace WalterKnoll - Kyo Bene- Docklands Steelcase - Cobi

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Service Environment Product thank you

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Leaders in global transport and travel design twitter@Priestmangoode

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VT Moving Platforms

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DESIGN IN THE PUBLIC REALM Can Yalman Designer/Manufacturer

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_public info boards and advertising panels

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Bosphorus Taxi

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_water taxis around the world

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The Bosphorus _world’s narrowest international straight _home to more than 12.000.000 people _busy tanker and large shipping lane _heavy ferry and sightseeing traffic _strong varrying currents upto 8knots _uneven shore structure and height

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_5-6 person capacity _one person operation _captain in a separate cabin _info-entertainment on board _large sight seeing windows

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_easy safe access _captain has 360 degree views _boarding and controls within reach _bumper front suspension _extending hydraulic steps heights

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_light construction w/carbonfiber supports _minimum parts - easy molds _efficient diesel electric hybrid power _solar panel charging roof

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_thank you

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