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AGENDA Why? How? Best Practices What? Newsletter Sign-up Recommendations

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WHY? 10-40% - Luke Wroblewski A solid redesign of a bad form could increase completion rates by

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HOW? Best Practices Motivate Assure Explain Keep It Simple Engage Empower

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WHAT? Sign-Up Workflow Homepage Sign-up Thank You!

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MOTIVATE Capture Heart & Mind Tell a story to encourage participation.

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site: TOMS

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ASSURE Communicate Safety The message “It is safe to sign up” inspires trust.

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Assure Assure site: MINT

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Assure site: wufoo

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EXPLAIN Reduce Friction Use clear instructions, and helpful interactions.

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Explain site: Mail Chimp

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Instruct site: Mail Chimp

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KEEP IT SIMPLE Create a Clear Path Use a minimal form to make it easy for users to achieve their goals.

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Clear Path Site: AMNESTY

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Keep it simple Site: AMNESTY

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ENGAGE Use Emotional Language Create an emotional identification. This builds intimacy, trust, and loyalty.

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site: Conservation International

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783 million people lack access to clean water. Learn more about global fresh water issues — and find out what you can do. Engage site: Conservation International

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You May VS. You Must! Giving the user the power to choose reduces negative reactions. EMPOWER

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Site: OXFAM Empower

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Site: OXFAM Feel free to provide us with as much information as you wish, but, to start, all we need is your email and your name. Empower

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WHAT? Sign-Up Workflow Homepage Sign-up Thank You!

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Motivate Site: OXFAM Ability Trigger Motivate

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site: Mail Chimp Keep it simple

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Engage Motivate site: World Wildlife

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RECOMMENDATIONS Step 1 Homepage Motivate – Encourage participation. Engage – Use emotional language. Keep it simple – Clear path.

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RECOMMENDATIONS Step 2 Form Motivate – Encourage participation. Assurance – Declare secure info use. Explain – Clear instructions & helpful interactions… Keep it simple – Use a minimal form. Engage – Use emotional language. Empower – You May vs. You Must!

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RECOMMENDATIONS Step 3 Thank you. Motivate – Recommend participation. Engage – Use emotional language. Opportunity Provide motivation, means, and a trigger.

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Bibliography Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks – Luke Wroblewski Forms that work – Caroline Jarrett & Gerry Gaffney BJ Fogg's Behavior Model – Dr. BJ Fogg The Ultimate UX Design of: the Sign-Up Form – Marcin Treder Designing for Emotion – Aarron Walter