Redesign YOU - Design Thinking Yourself

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Redesign YOU or: design thinking yourself Jochen Guertler - September 4th 2015 - d.school Potsdam

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How to achieve Change?

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Change needs a Decision

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Frist step always: Fully Accept what is

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Change happens (only) in the now

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Change Happens Step by Step

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Change Needs Patience and Constancy

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Change happens outside your comfort zone

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Sometimes a Mentor and a good Team may help

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Change needs experiments and new Experiences

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Sounds familiar, right?

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So, why not putting the things together …

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.. And start becoming the designer of your own life?

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Lovely gina - German Minister for Happiness

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We bring together 2o People with 20 design challenges

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… and yes, we do warmups with them

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We choose inspiring spaces …

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… to be out of the (daily life) box

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No time for never-ending discussions …

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… but use the power of NOW

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First we start with the status Quo

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Research yourself – a really interesting topic

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Get Feedback and collect perspectives

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Focus on one concrete aspect

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Go Now for the really wild and shiny ideas

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make your Dream tangible …

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… And Be Visionary as much as you can

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commit one concrete step in the end …

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… And Take something with you

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Thank YOU! Jochen.guertler@googlemail.com When you will start?

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