Successful Logo Designs from UK and US Empowering Startups

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Successful Logo Designs from UK and US Empowering Startups

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Global branding and advertising spending in 2015 is projected as US $578 billion

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Out of which 48% is spent on printing and designing. However, 12% is used for media animation

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Fascinating right? Let’s see more.

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The UK and US annually spend approximately ?20 billion and $140 Billion respectively in advertising and marketing designs

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Design provides visual expressions to brands and 94% of the time make a deep impression

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Brand identity design in particular are important in explaining the brand story

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The most important aspect of brand identity is logo design. When a logo design is successful it represents overall success of the brand

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Therefore it is crucial for small businesses and startups to carefully consider the design of their logo. Because it is your first impression on your clients, you surely don’t want to mess with it

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Let’s consider the logo designs of these two successful brands from UK and USA

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BBC and FOX News are successful brand identities for their brands because their logos have designed keeping in mind the 3 important expressions:

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Stability: A logo design that is not time bound

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Flexibility: A logo, which design looks equally appealing on all marketing materials

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Association: A logo that communicates and tells a brand story

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BBC vs. FOX News (Image Analysis)

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Let’s have a look at some more popular brand logos with British origin and evaluate if they are successful for all times

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Popular Brand Logos with British Origin

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Vodafone Shell HSBC

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Orange Tesco Thomas Cook

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ITV Robinsons Delphi Automotive

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Logos from the UK sure meet the criteria of successful designs to a great extent. However, let’s see if designs from the US beat the competition or not

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Popular Brand Logos with US Origin

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Google Walmart Coca-Cola

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Apple Microsoft McDonalds

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Facebook Nike iPhone

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What we’ve learned from these UK and US logos

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Most companies started small and grew into huge companies through consistent branding

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Most companies are recognized by their original logo colors, symbolism, and/or identity

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Most companies’ logos can stand on their own without having to “market” to their audience

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Does your brand identity meets the criteria of successful logo design?

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