Designing for People you didn’t know existed

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Designing for People you didn’t know existed Kayla J Heffernan | UX Designer

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Kayla Heffernan UX Designer @ SEEK & PhD Candidate @kaylajheffernan

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You are not the user

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So how do you design for people you might not know exist?

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Gender ! = Sex @kaylajheffernan

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There are > 2 genders @kaylajheffernan

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People have families different from yours @kaylajheffernan

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People have relationships different from yours @kaylajheffernan

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Women can be doctors @kaylajheffernan

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People wear things you don’t @kaylajheffernan

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I is a valid surname @kaylajheffernan

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Joe is also a valid name @kaylajheffernan

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Deaf people have a language @kaylajheffernan

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People can have > 1 ‘impairment’ @kaylajheffernan

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Okay, you probably knew most of these people exist

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Discovering & remembering to design for people outside your umwelt*. * The world as it is experienced by a particular organism

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Stop & think about inclusive design

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Get out there and meet different people

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Pay attention to tweetavists #Everydaysexism #queeringgender #equalrights

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s When in doubt Rule 34

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Thank you