Designing Experiences Nobody Cares About

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Designing experiences nobody cares about 27 August 2015 studiothick.com @studiothick

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 Thick value is genuine value that's generated without causing economic harm to people or the planet.
 Umair Haque.

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Founding Australian 5% of our totasl
 to revenue goe

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Health, Environment, Education, Public Service, Giving —for good

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We measure our success by our impact

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Uncool design

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Designing experiences nobody cares about

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Prototyping an inclusive, end-to-end service

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Heatmaps These two heatmaps demonstrate Eye tracking Click tracking Where the customer looked Where the customer clicked that the search box received the most power rule maker irritating attention from visitors. need to comply fragmented tab was not The ‘All Transactions’ complicated frustrating feartracking shows were interested. Eye customers scrolled past the search box, confusing red tape indicating ‘Popular transactions’ was impersonal clicked very often; very few customers ing seen by a majority. on ternal load ared Load time (ms) ain engine ll Page 105 / January 30, 2015 iMac #3 15% iMac #1 13% iPad #1 12% Date Load time VGCSC Maxi Example sites Mapshare Onform Payments Vicroads Printer 2 4.3% Printer 1 10% iPad #2 9.4% iMac #4 16% iMac #2 20%

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“Victorian Government is fragmented and things are no one’s responsibility.” - Jeremias, 36 “A great experience would be that you go in and get it sorted out, that’s all.” - Elizabeth, 55 “They deal with a broad range of people, but don’t realise what’s on the other end of the phone.” – Nicole, 40 “I expect everything with the government to be hard. Applying for a job with government is hard, the ATO is hard, I knew this [getting a licence] would be the same.” - Bobby-Rose, 21 “I can use it on my phone, because I don’t have a computer where I’m living at the moment. I’m with my grandma. She’s not going to buy a computer because she’s too old to change. A lot of older people just aren’t going to get on board with that.” - Callum, 18 “I have just had a cataract done and the last two months I’ve been staggering around—I can see at a distance, but reading is no good.” - Barbara, 79

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orian Government gmented and gs are no one’s onsibility.” mias, 36 ect everything the government e hard. Applying “A great experience would be that you go in and get it sorted out, that’s all.” - Elizabeth, 55 “They deal w range of pe don’t realis the other e phone.” – Nicole, 40 “I can use it on my phone, because I don’t have a computer “I have just h cataract do

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Take outs People don’t care how government works, just that it works. People want government to be a silent partner. People don’t hold government
 to the same standard as private sector.

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Take outs Transactions can happen when life is emotional and stressful. Most people think government transactions are targeted at mainstream citizens. Certainty and confidence are critical factors in almost all circumstances.

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Take outs People take the path of least resistance, every time

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Take outs Sometimes your job is to make services or systems invisible

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What can you do to bring this into your work, next week?

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Get out there.
 Research to build empathy, inspire good decisions and improve experiences.

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Research is Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not for illumination — Vin Scully

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Design for the marginalised and everyone benefits

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Take accessibility seriously

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Clarity, focus and flow trump fancy. Every time.

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It is your responsibility as a UX Designer to design without ego

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Adam Angela Co-founder, 
 Creative Director Service Design Lead adam@studiothick.com angela@studiothick.com @monsieurmorris 

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