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Gendered Are Men Design Thinking: UI Designers? More Successful

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Do you know that gendered thinking today directly relates to women subjugation?

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It is no more about biasness or discrimination

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However, the issue has evolved as a matter of equal representation now

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Statistics show that 82.6% of UI designers are male

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However, women representation in UI design field has fallen in US over the last five years from 32.4% to 24.9%

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Obviously chilling but let’s think over it practically

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Does women under representation in UI design indicates women incapability?

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Because that will mean men are more successful UI designers

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OR is it linked with the equal opportunity issue?

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There is a 50/50 blend in academics, where in some classes women representation in UI design is more than men

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Nevertheless, the web design field is male-dominated

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Let’s dig into the logical and subjective reasoning for “Less Women Participation and Under Representation”

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Relevant Arguments from Discussion: UI design is male dominated, where females’ designs are not appreciated.

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Individual and Collective set of beliefs: Women inspirational UI designers in the industry are less than 2%

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Social Dogmas and Popular Mindsets: Women are more creative with print and graphic design

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Personality Characteristics and Stereotypes: Women are socially conditioned to fear technology

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Gender Biased Cultural Roles: Technical stuff is not women’s job. IT and technology are better understood by males

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Solution: Create Your Place! Let Socially Constructed Fears Go

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Conclusion: The reason behind the existence of gender gap in user interface design is a socially constructed phenomena. It is a discourse that is now socially acceptable and became a pre-dominant controlled thinking.