How to Create an Immersive Experience

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Immersive Experiences Topic discussion - IxDA meetup DC 07.08.2015

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"Immersive Experience" It is when an experience allows people to involve themselves deeply enough, it may create an altered mental state. They may find themselves in another world or filling someone else’s shoes. Then it’s about more than merely using a product or what kind of service experience you are having - it’s about activating senses and memories. It’s a way to experience flow while engaging in activity. Jane Vita

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"Immersion (Virtual Reality)" Immersion into virtual reality is a perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. The perception is created by surrounding the user of the VR system in images, sound or other stimuli that provide an engrossing total environment. Wikipedia

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Total engagement Sense of presence LEAN SERVICE CREATION “In the media psychology literature, presence is defined as the perception of non-mediation - the absence of thoughts about technology that creates the experience.”

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Emotional engagement LEAN SERVICE CREATION Pleasurable and meaningful. Memorable experience worth sharing and that has personal significance.needs model User experience hierarchy of

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LEAN SERVICE CREATION “Our sense of smell is most directly linked to memory.” Seductive interaction design Other senses

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Immersive technologies LEAN SERVICE CREATION Special “displays” right in front of your eyes and blocks you out the rest of the world. Total engagement

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Storytelling LEAN SERVICE CREATION Stories help us engage with our audience. They help us to reach intimacy. They make your content more compelling.

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Flow LEAN SERVICE CREATION Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. Wikipedia

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Absorbing the attention LEAN SERVICE CREATION “You instantly feel like you’re part of something, merging real life with the virtual.” Total engagement

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LEAN SERVICE CREATION What we can we learn from other industries? Films, games, TV...

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"Immersive Experience" It sounds inviting and, honestly, kind of desirable. Everyone wants to be immersed in interesting web content, and brands are quickly learning how to use that to their advantage. But to succeed, it has to be done well. Matt Petronzio - Mashable

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