Designing for Happiness: A Positive Future for Technology—SXSW 2016

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Designing for Happiness A positive future for technology A SXSW 2016 PROPOSAL @paminthelab

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Technology sometimes makes us feel… incomplete addicted lonely anxious lazy distracted disconnected

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But there is no getting away from it

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Technology can make us happy in all the ways creative proud inspired admired confident hopeful compassionate smart validated respected relaxed encouraged brave connected delighted curious nurtured entertained amused empowered challenged engaged safe appreciated informed Change Sciences Research 2015

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Happiness is… Pleasure and Purpose

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When people feel happy using technology, the outcomes are positive for everyone Explore and interact More likely to return Share positive moments More likely to recommend Feel like we belong Feel good about ourselves Form an attachment Change Sciences Research 2015

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What if we could design for Happiness?

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Happiness Please loading... VOTE

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treats ✓ pets ✓ discovery ✓ ✓ adventure ✓ music ✓ surprises ✓ culture ✓ playing ✓ family nature ✓ winning ✓ free wifi ✓

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The next phase for designing technology is Positive Design FRICTIONLESS DESIGN BEHAVIORAL DESIGN POSITIVE DESIGN

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The Happy Path is not always direct remember express accomplish savor reflect anticipate sample

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There are five factors of Positive Design AUTONOMY TRUST CONNECTION Ease of use, control, Security, respect, Identity, community, productivity, mastery privacy, authenticity relationships CREATIVITY Discovery, play, expression, making MEANING Continuity, learning, challenges, flow

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Positive Design New capabilities Meaningful connection Wise decisions Healthy habits Maximum potential

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Learn how to design for Happiness at SXSW 2016 Please VOTE A SXSW 2016 PROPOSAL @paminthelab

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