Designing with Emotion Means Being Brave

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Designing with Emotion Means Being Brave @Intuit #UXDesign

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Three Acts of Bravery to Increase Emotion for Customers “Getting magic and meaning from our hearts into our customers’ hands means changing the way we work, the way we share ideas, and the way we define success. That type of change requires bravery.”

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Act of Bravery 1: Protect the Soul of Your Design

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“Protecting the soul of the design means designing not just for customers, but also for your internal audience. Designing for the way they experience your design concept makes it that much easier for you to get that concept into your customer’s hands.”

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Act of Bravery 2: Be Bold and Vulnerable

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“Emotion begets emotion. It’s contagious and grows organically, but it has to start somewhere. As designers, we’re the heart of customer empathy in our organizations and it’s our responsibility to keep the customer alive as a human being—not a segmentation.”

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Act of Bravery 3: See the Product Through the Customer Lens, Not the Other Way Around

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“People feel, products don’t. By definition focusing on emotion forces us to keep the customer perspective in mind and stops us from slipping into a product-centric view. But focusing solely on the emotions evoked by the product experience only helps us respond or react to what customers currently feel with regards to the product.”

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Check out Intuit’s full UX Magazine article here: http://bit.ly/1fUSinw