5 Brilliant Quotes on Agile UX

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5 Brilliant Quotes On Agile UX by Holly Bartholomeusz & Yuan Wang yump.com.au

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Important Jargon! UX User experience describes core aspects necessary to ensuring a product or design is as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Measured by usefulness, usability, appeal and level of engagement. + Agile Agile methodology, a project management process which originated from software development, helps teams respond to sudden and unpredictable changes through incremental, iterative work cycles, known as sprints. = Agile UX A time boxed, iterative approach to incrementally building a project from inception. Projects are broken down into short cycles consisting of smaller tasks such as design, coding and user testing and repeated throughout the project.

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The Agile Process

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What does Agile UX look like in action?

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1 Life’s too short to build something no ones wants. Ash Maurya Author of Running Lean and Creator of Lean Canvas

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Usability is the killing field of cherished notions. David Orr Test your product in the wild Testing a design with people who may utilise your project/product allows you to understand any design problems. Lo-fi testing Collecting insights on the ground allows you to generate more ideas, kill ideas that don’t work as you thought they might, and test them at speed.

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Human Centred Design Desirability Feasibility 1. What do people desire? 2. What is technically and organisationally feasible? 3. What is financially viable? Viability

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2 Negotiate the rules of engagement upfront and define the standads together. Cameron Grice

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Offer a vision and exit plan Align teams Rome to resolve wasn’t built dependencies in a day The Agile process is not about going it alone! Gather support from your team by offering a vision. Identify each other’s needs, and negotiate solutions with all team members. Ensure good communication so that team members share and follow future visions.

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Successful Agility relies on two things: 1. Effective collaboration 2. Continuous improvement

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3 We need to set realistic expectations on UX engagement and quality. Warwick Bracken

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Engage your stakeholders As UX practitioners we want to know that stakeholders place importance on the process. Think outside the box Agile doesn’t have to be a strictly stringent process. Think outside the box and involve top level management using unique strategies.

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Megan Dell’s Diary Study Combine old school methods with the Agile process to affect the way in which stakeholders engage with different iterations of the project. An incentivised diary study was conducted. She sent users a physical journal to document the testing of a company product. Each week participants sent their diaries back filled with insightful comments about their experience of using the product. Stakeholders took a surprising interest in reading the diaries. Enabled them to be actively involved in understanding the iterative process as well as the customers’ feelings.

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4 Work early but craft incremental experiences with an end vision. Karen Leong

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Be progressive & reactive Teams must remain progressive and reactive rather than committed to a single idea. Be ruthless It is important to look to the future and be ruthless about the project’s scope, rather than focusing only on the present. Always challenge design & development Consistently challenge the design or development of a project and integrate feedback into each iteration.

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5 Vision starts with a firm foundation and carries through with design principles. Lexi Thorn & Scott Maywood-Bryant

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A shared vision is integral A shared understanding of the vision, business context and design challenges are integral to laying the foundations for UX design and prototyping. Be transparent Be transparent about the UX process enables to foster trust throughout an organisation. Solve problems as a team Cross disciplinary team culture allows everyone in the team to wear “multiple hats” and work together through each iteration process.

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THANKS Inspired by the Agile UX Conference 2015. See you at the next one! Let’s connect: @yumpdigital @yumpdigital /yumpdigital yump.com.au

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