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Wearable First Rethinking Accessible Design Ted Drake, Intuit Accessibility @Ted_Drake July 2015

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Mainframe First

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Desktop First

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Web First

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Mobile First

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Wearable First

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Time to start over

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What is the interface?

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Contact Lens Computer

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ChiTronic Smart Ring NFC Controller for Android

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Internet of Things

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Brillo + Weave

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Emotion Recognition

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Instant Captioning

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Short Term Memory Loss

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OrCam Reader Eye glass mounted camera and bone conducting headphone. Uses your finger as the guiding gesture.

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Horus, 2015

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Project Jacquard

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Navigate Jacket

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Vibrating Shoes

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Force-Sensing Switches Replace joysticks and buttons with wearable switches that detect pressure change Embed within shoes and gloves

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Myo Gestures

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Google Soli

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Piercings Tongue Drive RFID implants

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Wearable UX

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Acceptance and Ubiquity

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Complexity in the right place

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Wearable as Prototype Cheaper and Faster

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Meta Wear Rapid Prototyping Kit $40 - mbient lab

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$40 Adafruit

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Apple Watch

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Apple + Google Pay

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…as someone with low vision and (mild) cerebral palsy, no longer do I have to fumble around my wallet trying to find my credit card or struggle with swiping my card into the terminal. -Steven Aquino

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Resources Ted Drake Twitter: @ted_drake Web: Last-Child.com SlideShare.net/7mary4 WearAbility Twitter:@wearabilityorg Web: WearAbilty.org