The Wicked Craft of Enterprise UX

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12+ years of experience Oracle BEA Adobe Cisco Citrix E-business Suite WebLogic IDE License Systems VOIP Phones Cloud/Virtualization frog Netflix LinkedIn

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The Wicked Craft of Enterprise UX Uday Gajendar | Principal Designer, Peel @udanium #invisionwebinar Photos courtesy of Shutterstock

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& @udanium #invisionwebinar

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New Way of Craft from Beautiful Final Object Aesthetic refinement & romanticism to Facilitative Anchor Enabling productive teamwork & decisions @udanium #invisionwebinar

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Value Matters. @udanium #invisionwebinar Trust + Integrity + Quality craft

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Value Matters. @udanium #invisionwebinar Trust + Integrity + Quality craft

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Wickedness. Clarify goals & intents of CIO (buyer) vs IT admin (user) convoluted and possibly contentious Sales process Wrestle with multi-faceted relationships thousands of objects & actions defined within the database Navigate rough political currents to just “fix the app” where to begin, with legacy tech framework & newly acquired platform vendors @udanium #invisionwebinar

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Umm. Now what? ?

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Craft as Anchor. @udanium #invisionwebinar Keep your grounding.

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3 Short Stories. Reactive Interpretive Craft as a facilitative anchor Collaborative

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REACTIVE force clarity of intricate/complex problems @udanium #invisionwebinar

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INTERPRETIVE @udanium #invisionwebinar achieve mutually beneficial understanding

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COLLABORATIVE @udanium #invisionwebinar align diverse opinions and goals

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craft in Enterprise UX Ephemeral Embodiments @udanium #invisionwebinar

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craft in Enterprise UX Drives Debates & Decisions @udanium #invisionwebinar

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craft in Enterprise UX See Problems Differently @udanium #invisionwebinar

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craft in Enterprise UX Empowers a Maker Culture @udanium #invisionwebinar

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