The Missing Link In Your Logo Design Process

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The Missing Link In Your Logo Design Process

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Ever thought that the earth is populated by brands more than by people?

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You look around and there are banners everywhere, a poster on most walls, take out your cell phone to see brand ads on your social media feeds, and by the way, your bag and jeans are branded as well

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We are moving around in a world full of brands. So is it possible to neglect the importance of brand identity in the brand design process?

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A logo is the first impression on your audience. Therefore, no company can afford to take it lightly, or to abandon it altogether. How can you work on everything else, and not brand identity itself?

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Here you go, just a simple introduction to the ingredients which make logo design possible

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Font Click to find out the perfect font for your logo according to the industry A B C of Fonts & Industries

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2. Color If you don’t want to be labelled as an amateur designer, you must understand the Meaning and Uses of Colors in Logo Design

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3. Icons/Symbols You must choose symbols wisely for your design to communicate the message the client wants to convey to his/her target audience Look at How Symbolism Works In Graphic Design

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4. Patterns Patterns hold a unique place in logo design Download this brand book for free to understand the patterns in logo design The Guru’s Brand Book: Our Logos, Your Inspiration

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5. Shapes Do You Know The Art of Using Shape Psychology to Guide Audience Emotions? Decipher Shape Psychology for Graphic Design

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The logo design process needs continuous reviews to evolve as a powerful brand identity

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I know as a designer you hate drafts but that is what makes your design exceptional

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However, sometimes it just doesn’t go with the brand, right?

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You are unable to tract enough attention through your design. Why?

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Because there is a missing link in your design. Let’s see what it is, and how to work on it

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Designers sometimes focus more on the process than the research itself. Research is the missing link, and it definitely doesn’t mean ‘Google-ing’

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There are significant ways of making your research work authentic and consumer centric, including…

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1. Talking to people

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2. Making them part of your design

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3. Understanding what they need

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4. Reading their postures and gestures

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5. Getting familiar with social and cultural symbols

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What Are The Benefits of Research?

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1. It adds meaning to your design

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2. Makes your design culturally appropriate

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3. Holds an emotional connection with the target audience

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4. Declares your design as authentic

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5. Increases your target audience’s appreciation

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6. Helps in getting desired attention and response

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Revisit your logo design, and fix the missing link to make it better

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Don’t let a misnomer fool you. Get expert help for fixing the loopholes in your brand identity design – NOW!

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