Love at First (Web)site - Anatomy of a Good UX First Impression

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Love at First (Web)site Anatomy of a Good UX First Impression Greg Harron, UX Strategist

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The web is full of bad first impressions. @gregharron

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Your business will be (quickly) judged by its cover… on many levels @gregharron

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Your business will be (quickly) judged by its cover… on many levels First impressions can be long-lasting, unforgiving, and critical to your success… a snap judgment about the quality of your site can quickly turn into a strong impression of the overall quality of your business. @gregharron

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And let’s face it…people can be anxious. @gregharron

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And let’s face it…people can be skeptical. @gregharron

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And let’s face it…people can be guarded. @gregharron

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And let’s face it…people can be stressed. @gregharron

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And let’s face it…people can be GRUMPY. @gregharron

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And let’s face it…people can be GRUMPY. As you can see, we are not exactly setting the mood for love at first sight. People may be a touch on the ornery side as they meet your site for the first time, so we have our work cut out for us to make a positive first impression. @gregharron

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Our UX Mission: Frown Inversion :) :( @gregharron

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The Mission Brief Our Target: “Product Scout(s)” - the person(s) tasked with researching and recommending a new product or service for their company. The interests of many internal stakeholders must be considered. User Mindset: - Busy, short on time - Anxious, stressed - Skeptical, guarded - Uninspired to sludge through product info & specs - …Grumpy Objective: Deliver a user experience that generates a positive first impression and builds confidence in the value of your offering and your ability to deliver on it. @gregharron

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How do we do it? @gregharron

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The 1st impression must convey To establish Credibility Trust Opportunity + Ease of Adoption User Confidence And maybe, just maybe, EXCITEMENT @gregharron

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Okay, but HOW do we establish credibility, trust, opportunity, etc? Here are 5 key steps to building user confidence (and excitement) through a good first impression. @gregharron

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5 keys to a good UX first impression. 1 Give a proper introduction 1. sure the user can clearly understand what you are all about than one Be easy on the eyes (in more ways Make within Arm yourofadvocatesProvide immediate a second or two hitting your site! 2. reassurance that the user is in the right place and that they should definitely stick around to learn more about 3. Grease the track what you have to offer. 4.partGlory byyou may also want to name drop - throw out a As of your intro, association client list or testimonials to provide some confidence that you are 5. gettingdoes not stop at UI UX to know. worth @gregharron

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5 keys to a good UX first impression. 2 Be easy on the eyes (and brain) 1. must be aesthetically pleasing. Literally, ease the user’s mind by Grease the track Site guiding them visually to Visual clutter or chaosassociation will lead to 2. Glory by thoughtfully manage and focus quick exits. A solid design aesthetic willdoes not stop at UI 3. UX add instant credibility their attention on what is most to your business. @gregharron important. “Ration” out the information using white space and layout to promote focus and retention of key points.

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5 keys to a good UX first impression. 3 Arm your advocates 1.yourGreaseAcknowledge and address all relevant the track Do homework. stakeholder concerns as clearly and concisely as possible. It 2. Glory by association of key issues with a should be easy for a scout to detect coverage quick scan. Make it easy to share the info with colleagues. 3. UX does not stop at UI @gregharron

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5 keys to a good UX first impression. 4 Make change attainable & desirable 1. experience must convey track and ease of adoption. Grease the ease of use The Provide clear, obvious, and easy to complete next steps. 2. Glory by association Change is hard. Acknowledge and addressUI potential barriers to 3. UX does not stop make change seem desirable at entry. Break down these barriers and (and easy), not burdensome. @gregharron

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5 keys to a good UX first impression. 5 UX does not stop at UI To be successful, the remainder of the customer experience must live up to the positive first impression… The “promises” that you are making and modeling with the site’s UI in terms of ease-of-use and adoption should carry over into the overall operational execution and customer experience. @gregharron

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Consider an example: A DropBox First Impression Once upon a time (Circa 2009), I was enlisted as a “product scout” researching options for file storage and sharing to reduce costs for our company. Someone had referred me to look at a new kid on the block, DropBox. Well, the site made a great first impression - all of my preconceived notions, stress, anxiety, and general lack of inspiration around the task were washed away quickly when I visited the DropBox site. After quickly absorbing the first layer of the site I was actually EXCITED to learn more and get started…and I was excited to proudly share it with my colleagues. It was refreshingly clear and simple. Remembering that experience, I went back to visit the DropBox landing page to see if the magic was still there. Let’s take a look… @gregharron

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1 Give a Proper Introduction At First Glance: Introduce yourself and the value you offer quickly and concisely. “Am I in the right place?” Just a few seconds for that FIRST first impression… As part of your intro, build some trust & confidence through client lists, testimonials

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2 Be easy on the eyes (and the brain) Get their attention…without screaming. Use white space to minimize distraction and ration out information into easy to consume bites. Give key points room to breathe and your users will breathe a little easier.

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3 Arm your advocates Address key stakeholders’ needs so a “product scout” can quickly scan to see you have done your homework and considered the top concerns. Productivity Security Training IT Support ROI

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4 Make change attainable & desirable Note the keywords used: “relief” = confidence, peace of mind, help! “revolutionize”, “better” = opportunity, improved way “easier” = ease of use, ease of adoption Remove barriers to entry by providing clear next steps

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5 UX does not stop at UI The DropBox user experience has promised simplicity and ease of use both in the messaging (as shown here) and through the simple layout and iconography used to deliver the message. To be successful, the rest of the user experience beyond the purchase must live up to the promise of this initial user interaction.

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5 keys to a good UX first impression. 1 2 3 4 5 @gregharron Give a proper introduction Be easy on the eyes (in more ways than one) Arm your advocates Make change attainable & desirable UX does not stop at UI

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Questions, comments, examples of some great UX first impressions? Connect Here: @gregharron @centerline centerline.net/insights thanks.

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