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BEYOND BASICS OF UX Presented by Marlin Jayakody Manager UI UX – ExcelSoft Global

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. #ui-uxworkflow

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Even the Ninja Turtles have them

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“It’s a good idea, but sadly, everyone else already had it.” #ux-beyondbasics

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“We are in the age of experience” Jared Spool (2007) #ux-beyondbasics

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“That’s all great but, how do you actually do it?”

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IT’S EASY AS 123 #ux-beyondbasics

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STRATEGY Find out the objectives of the application and what will be the business needs of the target user. Discuss about the branding of the product and how it will reach to our clients, Creating personas after basic interviews with the users and identify user needs and how they are used to work in their environment. Look at the industry standards and what are the levels and the standard of your competitors. #ux-beyondbasics

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SCOPE Functional Specifications: Discussing the Functionalities of the product. Technical requirements: The technology which is used to achieve the proposed functionality, Limitations and Possibilities. Content requirements: The content elements of the system. What the user needs exactly and how we are going to include the content which will speak to the user. #ux-beyondbasics

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SCOPE Using the MUSCW method Prioritize functionalities and features of the product. Must – Things must be done in the current version. Should – do it if the time allows it. Could – what could we do to make it better. Won’t – won’t do it at the moment. #ux-beyondbasics

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STRUCTURE Creating user flow diagrams of the project. Scenarios of the use of the software: in some cases we can speak about the different scenarios which the software might be used by explaining through story boards. Literature - what language we are using in the application. #ux-beyondbasics

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UI Wireframe design. Information Architecture. Alterations of the design. #ux-beyondbasics VISUAL DESIGN Skeleton

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VISUAL DESIGN Surface Selecting icons and colors . Style Guides. Front end Development. #ux-beyondbasics

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EVALUATE & IMPROVE User Testing Track real world usage Continuous improvement #ux-beyondbasics

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#ux-beyondbasics WE ARE HERE TO HELP

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THANKS FOR TOLERATING For any questions tweet me on ? @MarlinJayakody