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Понравилась презентация – покажи это...

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UX Humor V1 @think360studio Lets laugh and learn from common UX mistakes ? Presentation By Prince Pal (UI/UX Designer) www.think360studio.com

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Well this is not a joke, its TRUTH.. lol www.think360studio.com

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Toolbars Overloaded…

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Man searching with misspellings…

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Funny UI quote”

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5 Signs of A Stupid UX Designer Donot mess with these designers, lets have a look ?

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1st SIGN “I have made wireframes”

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2nd SIGN “I’ve designed an App in the App Store”

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3rd SIGN “My Process Is My Own”

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4th SIGN “We learn when it’s live”

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5th SIGN “I’m a creative person, not a technical one.”

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6th SIGN “Once the product is built, I’m ready to move on.”

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Now, Imagine the worst Possible User Experience in Product Design.. LOL

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Enjoy the TEA :D

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Lets have lunch with us… ?

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Mind it… ?

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Dinner Set… ?

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Top Reasons To Drink

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If someone pronounces GUI "Gooey," do a shot

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If someone says he started doing wireframes in PowerPoint, take a drink

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If you are the only one who knows what UX means, finish the bottle

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When the UX decisions are made by group vote, prepare a pitcher of margaritas

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If you dress like Steve Jobs, strip naked and do a shot

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If someone says buttons should be orange and green because they test the best, drink

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If someone asks why the wireframes have no color, do a double shot..

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If someone says the site has to work on IE6, drink

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If someone says, "Above the fold," smash the bottle over their head

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Presentation By Prince Pal (UI/UX Designer) www.think360studio.com @think360studio

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