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HELLO WORLD A simple Visual Explanation of UX (User Experience) By Think 360 Studio team[at]think360studio.com www.think360studio.com

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What is UX

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User eXperience (UX) is the process of enhancing customer and loyalty by improving the usability, ease to use and interaction between the user and product. User eXperience (UX) is the understanding what people do and how we can Make it better. OR

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UX UX is everything. Everything is UX.

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World is changing… User Too….

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Why we a need a better UX? more frequent to visit your website. increased return visit to your website. user staying longer on your website. increased sales. decreased user errors. decreased customer support costs. reduce word-of-mouth complaints.

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People don’t come on what you do. They come on why you do it.

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Make smart, powerful and Efficient software that delights user. Create a great user experience built upon modern technology and design Standard. Research, testing, discovery sketching, wire-framing, designing prototyping and Iterating.

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UX is not UI !

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UX is not UI UI is small part of UX UX designers and UI developers are complementary to each others.

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UX UI User Experience User Interface =

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Difference Between UI/UX Just take a look.

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This is the User Experience How users feel and interact

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Elements of UX

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Visual Design Content and Terminology Detailed Interactions & UI Design Patterns Global Navigation Information Architecture Functionality And Usefulness Requirements, Documents, epics etc. User Audience, Needs and Goals

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A solid UX work will result in... 1. Better product. 2. Cheaper to fix problems. 3. Less Risk. 4. Better ability to deliver to deadline. 5. Deeper Insights. 6. Product that are easy to use make more money. 7. Easy to use is common customer requirements.

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