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LOGO CHANGES The Good, The Bad, and The Imperceptible

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Your brand is the consumer’s This includes the impression you make on the people during business interactions and the way they see you as a result. perception of you.

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Your brand is everything

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Your logo is a representation of your brand

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because many consumers recognize companies by their logos CHANGING YOUR LOGO IS SIGNIFICANT TO YOUR BUSINESS

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in order to create new and improved versions. It’s common for businesses to change their logos over time

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Here are a few major logo changes over the years that have stood out to us whether we liked them or not, and a few that we just barely noticed…

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Using the same colors, PayPal enhanced its logo by using more enriched and saturated hues, as well as filling in the Ps. We think this new logo is way more approachable, especially as an icon on smartphones and tablets. Good: PayPal

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Bacardi’s world famous bat logo was changed to look more realistic, similar to their 1930’s design. Although it is an attempt as nostalgic branding, we like the iconic, simple version a little more! Bad: Bacardi

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Imperceptible: Morton Salt Since 1914, Morton Salt has been making slight changes to its classic logo. Recently, the Morton Salt girl has been enhanced a bit and some shadows have been removed, making the newer version more clear.

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Pizza Hut has been transforming their image and has become more casual and laid back in recent days. Now, employee uniforms consist of fitted tees and flannels, with the logo following the same casual vibe.. Good: Pizza Hut

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Black & Decker made a radical change to its logo after deciding to re-brand and appeal to all audiences. To us, the new logo feels completely unrecognizable. Bad: Black + Decker

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Imperceptible: Chap Stick Recently, Chap Stick subtly changed the font in their logo. We wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t noticed, but sometimes the little things can make a big difference!

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See if you can spot any recent changes to the logos of companies and organizations that you love. It might give you ideas for the next time you think about a logo revamp of your own!

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