5 Design Spells to Cast on Your Restaurant Logo

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5 Design Spells to Cast on Your Restaurant Logo

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Do you know that logo design is a magic trick?

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You just need to learn the right spells

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Save your time and learn to magically transform your brand identity

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In order to get a perfect design for your restaurant logo, it is important that you know these 5 spells:

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Design Brief (Lumos)

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Elements of a logo design (Alohomora)

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Internal and external influences to an effective logo design (Diffindo)

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Knowledge about the design trends (Incendio)

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Psychographics of the targeted consumers. (Imperio)

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Confused? Allow me to tell you how they will work for you.

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Lumos is the spell that will shed the light over design brief, and you would know the 3 essential pointers

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Business: What this fuss is all about?

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Cuisine: Tell me the taste you are selling?

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Audience: Can you introduce me to the lovelies?

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Alohomora is the spell that helps you to open up a lock to important elements. Be careful while choosing the elements for a logo design because they shapes the overall brand impression.

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Element 1: Make a Wise Color Choice - While choosing the color for your logo, be sure that it suffices with the overall design brief and evokes the similar emotions that you wish your customers to feel. Read about color psychology now

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Element 2: Relax with Fonts, don’t overdo it – Do you know every font you choose holds a meaning. As for restaurant logo it gets trickier. See how you can make appropriate font choice for your logo

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Element 3: Stay in shape to get attention – Do you know that it is easy to make your customers loyal fans simply by making right use of shapes. Explore the dynamics behind shape psychology

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Element 4: Symbol can uplift your design or ruin it – It is critical to play with symbols in logo design. Therefore, a graphic designer MUST understand the use of symbol with its cultural relevance. Educate yourself about the symbolism in graphic design

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Element 5: White space is surely not negative – It is not about just leaving a lot of space in your design. Nevertheless, it is an elegantly curated space that makes your design standout. How to use white space?

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The most critical spell is diffindo, where you need to have an eye for internal and external influences. This includes: Culture

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Incendio is a spell that lights the objects in the dark. Which tells you that as a designer you should have the knowledge about the existing design trends. Design Trends 2015

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Imperio is an unforgivable curse. However, if played well, it will give an entire control of consumer behavior in your hands. But you need to know the psychographics of the targeted consumers for gaining that control. Psychographics in Contemporary SMB Marketing

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But how?

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It is about how well you understand the characteristics, personality and lifestyle of your consumers. Nail the art of studying your consumers through psychographics

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Get a consultation for your restaurant logo GET A CONSULTATION FOR YOUR RESTAURANT LOGO

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