Culture Change – My Journey

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Culture Change – My Journey Julie Baher

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2010 2004 2015 2001 1999

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Cultural Evolution 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

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lets go way back….

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Who is our Customer? Angela Call Centre Worker Thierry Trader Laura Office Administrator Bob VP of Sales Dan Contract Software Eng. Fiona Doctor Laura works at a local government office and is responsible for the smooth running of her Director’s site. Personable and sensitive she can get stressed with technology when it’s hard to learn. Committed and hardworking she thrives on being part of a team. Bob doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He’s a successful executive for a manufacturing company. Self motivated, determined and well organized. He doesn’t tolerant failure. Technology should be reliable, secure and always available. Dan loves gadgets and learning new technology. He works as a Quality Assurance Engineer during the day but is often busy in the evenings and weekends working on other projects for his own company. Adaptable and self reliant Dan is true propeller head. Fiona is an experienced surgeon in a top class Canadian hospital.  She faces the pressures working in today's healthcare sector and gets impatient waiting for applications to start up.  She has two young daughters and wishes she could have a better work/life balance. Thierry is a Futures Trader for a French brokerage. Handling vast sums of money Thierry doesn’t care about the nuts and bolts of the system or prettiness of look. He wants reliability, timeliness and accuracy of information. He needs to be in total control to be successful in his job. Angela is a home based call centre operator for a retail catalog company. She processes customer orders and handles complaints. She is positive and helpful but worries about learning new technology .

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Akanke $100 Laptop User/Pupil James Police Officer Bing Student Catherine Nurse John Architect Sandra Armed Forces Officer Bing is a Chinese University student studying English. He has very few concerns about the Web or IT as everything he does is mainly done online. He often forgets to back-up his work so is often frustrated when it’s lost. Catherine is a nurse working in a US hospital. Hardworking and cheerful. She worries about the reliability of the medical devices she uses because it’s critical to patient care. She’s also concerned about patient’s privacy and online security. John is an Architect for a mid sized company in Australia. He despises spending excessive amounts of time on administrative and managerial aspects of the job preferring to be imaginative, hands on and being out in the field. He wants to effectively communicate and sell design to his clients. Sandra works for the United States Intelligence and Security Command in the Pentagon. She has to deal with large amounts of data and making sense of it. Patriotic, obedient and honest she expects instant access to information whereever it is. James is in charge of a Safer Neighborhood team. He organises a team of constables and community officers to deal with issues that affect local communities. James is honest and approachable. Being clam under stressful, life threatening situations. He wants to get the job done without being restricted by technology. Akanke is a Nigerian primary school pupil.  His school participates in the $100 laptop initiative and Akanke enjoys his first experience with technology.  He uses the laptop to communicate with other children whenever he gets the opportunity.  These early experiences are important to him before entering adult life. ???

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Surinder IT Support Michael Clerical Officer Kavita Overseas Call Centre Sridhar Offshore Software Engineer Joe Moble Utility Worker Bob Manuf. Design Engineer Kavita works in an Indian call centre for a UK electricity supplier. Day-to-day routine does not vary much, shift begins at 3pm and she answers customer calls until 10pm. She is very conscious with "meeting the numbers" as this has a direct impact on her salary. She gets disappointed with slow or unresponsive technology. Sridhar works for a WiPro style company based in India. He works in an open plan office with around 150 people. Using two desktop machines and 4-5 applications he has limited access to data in the main company. He is only motivated by money and forced to work under pressure. Joe is a heating engineer. He gets a work list at the beginning of the day then hits the road visiting customers servicing and fixing their boilers. He uses a rugged laptop with a portable printer to connect to the company’s CRM application . He needs to be able to access up to date information efficiently and quickly so he can move on to his next assignment. Bob works for Rolls Royce. He’s mostly office based working with CAD and specialist engineering software. He visits specialists and suppliers to ensure his designs are understood and implemented. Michael is a clerical worker in the UK government. He handles a lot of administrative work and spends a fair amount of time on the phone talking to customers, sometimes angry ones. For the 10 years he has been here he notices gradually all the paperwork has moved to the electronic database. He gets stressed with technology but he know this is part of his job Surinder is a support engineer in the aviation industry. He visits customers at short notice and relies on secure and reliable access from the office so he can diagnose faults quickly. He copes well under pressure but does enjoy a drink or two with his friends in the evening. ???

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The “Before” View

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3 Lessons of Culture Change Images Courtesy of Shutterstock

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Lesson #1 Make a Splash Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

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Cultural Evolution 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

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“I didn’t know we had a design team”

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“I didn’t know we had a design team”

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“I didn’t know we had a design team” “I didn’t know our customers”

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Lesson #2 Design Matters

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Cultural Evolution 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

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lets teach them design

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- Do Not Distribute Since 2010…. Classes & workshops 100+ Citrix employees taught 4000+ Locations 15

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Lesson #2 Design Food Matters

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“I’ve heard about design thinking”

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but wait, there’s more

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“Design matters & I’m doing design thinking” “BTW, What’s customer experience?”

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Lesson #3 Count to 100

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Cultural Evolution 2013 “Design matters & I’m doing design thinking” “BTW, What’s customer experience?” 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

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lets show some ROI

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Legal Team + Design Thinking

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“Not only are the new courses more relevant, they’re also shorter. Peter’s work will save employees an estimated 9,720 work hours for 2014, and Citrix $3M in opportunity costs over four years!”

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“I do customer-focused innovation”

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Design Thinking + Lean Startup

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Design Thinking + Lean Startup

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Test & Learn

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Test & Learn

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Net Promotor Score (NPS)

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How likely are you to recommend us to your friends or colleagues?

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Product Refresh

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Measurable Design Improvements The new GoTo iOS app resulted in an app store rating increase from 3.5 to 4.5 (surpassing the stretch goal of 4.0) New GoTo web client Led to a 92% decrease in time to benefit (reduction from 25 to 2 seconds to start a sharing session) A 10 point increase in NPS And a drop in support call volume of 66% The new Windows GoTo experience improved the NPS score.

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Using Systems & Measurable Outcomes for Advantage Shared metrics, shared goals, shared purpose across different functions Leverage the institutional systems (Quarterly MBO goals, Employee Performance Measures) Shared Language … Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Ultimate Question book

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3 Lessons of Culture Change Images Courtesy of Shutterstock Make a Splash Design (Food) Matters Count to 100

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(bonus) yes, AND

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What it takes … Recognize the cultural microclimates Engage both qualitative & quantitative Be bold, take risks Believe in the design process

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Thank You Julie Baher jbaher@gmail.com @jarber medium.com/@jarber linkedin.com/in/jbaher/

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