Conceptualizing the Impact of Intelligent Logo Design

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Conceptualizing the Impact of Intelligent Logo Design

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You must have observed how every other article on web emphasizes the significance of brand identity.

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I’m sure by now you would know the importance of logos, and wouldn’t want to read more about them!

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This deck is about understanding the concepts behind brand identity design.

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Designers should read carefully, because they are the ones to design. If you are a business owner, then you should be even more vigilant. After all, who doesn’t want to see their brand right at the top?

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Logo Design has a hierarchy, made up of different levels. I call them the class system of logos. Proficient Logo Designs: High investment followed by great results Elite Logo Designs: Popular brand logos, recognized because of names. For instance, Apple and Microsoft. Mediocre Logo Designs: Low investment but high expectations.

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I believe in intelligent logo designs. Designs which exert great pressure on your mind, yet little burden on your pocket.

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All you need to do is direct your knowledge towards the process of designing. Designers appreciate details, because they help them be specific and unique with their design samples.

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How do you do that? Follow a simple model!

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The very first thing you need, of course, is an idea. Thing that you need to do is planning Something you must plan out is budgeting Where you need to keep your eyes open is process You must not forget the testing phase. You must always focus on implementation. Do not forget to evaluate the response and reaction.

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Since you know the model now, let’s begin with the steps which would help you create an intelligent logo design.

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Step by step process for creating an intelligent logo design

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Step#1: Have a clear understanding of your brand.

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Step#2: Know the potential weak points and strengths of your product.

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Step#3: What is the X-factor of your brand?

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Step#4: Know your audience inside-out.

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Step#5: Research the psychological personality of your target market.

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Step#6: Know the point to which your audience can emotionally connect.

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You always remember the first 60 seconds of meeting someone. Why? Because they make a lasting impression.

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Logo design works the same way. It is a trigger that stays with your clients and customers forever in their memory. Make an outstanding first impression!

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How can you make your logo design intelligent?

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For instance, knowing that yellow is a happy color

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And blue is a professional color is one thing.

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However, using both yellow and blue together in your logo is intelligence. Because it will represent your brand image as professional, yet friendly.

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Similarly, shape matters as well.

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For instance, a square represents that your company operates by the rules, and employs structural processes.

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However, a circle will be for flexible and freedom loving brands.

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So what shape is your audience? Know it! Because it will help you choose suitable shapes for your logo.

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Same goes for font choices. There are crazy, calm, funny, hi-tech, low-tech, serious, fancy, formal, and playful fonts.

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Think between the lines, and choose the best font combination to complement your brand message.

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The key is to define what resonates with your target audience.

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If you hesitate in handing your business card, it means the logo on it definitely needs to be improved.

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So, are you happy with your logo? If not, let us help you design the best logo for your brand. GET A LOGO DESIGN NOW

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Hope this presentation helped you in understanding the concept behind intelligent logo designs