How to make awesome sauce: Putting the messaging in the experience

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How to make awesome sauce: Putting the messaging in the experience

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Kid ‘n Play/House Party image background Attention: The old-school rap theme in these slides is not to force my musical tastes on you but to expand your mind and to most of all… enjoy the ride.

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Image of me when I was young

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Esri slide Would like to have full background image with map(s) and an Esri logo

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Pic of nick vujicic

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Pic of ghandi

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Pic of steve jobs

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Pic of zappos logo and founder

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Gayner Vanderchuk – “Marketers ruin everything”

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How do I stand out?

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Let’s get Visual Background image

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Background pic of something illustrating visuals 90% of info submitted to the brain is visual Images process 60,000x faster than text

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One does not work without the other An image to walk through an illustration of having individual pieces working together to make something awesome….any ideas?

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How do we really do this?

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1. Design with a specific purpose

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Pic of Charles Eames “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” – Charles Eames

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Screenshots of new Step by step map application on this page. http://webapps-cdn.esri.com/Apps/StepByStep/

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